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SenSage Opens Security Data To Off-The-Shelf Business Intelligence Tools

Enterprises can use BI to help navigate and analyze logs and events, company says
Security information and event management (SIEM) software vendor SenSage today said it will enable enterprises to use mainstream business intelligence (BI) tools to analyze security data.

SenSage 4.6 is the first SIEM product that supports Open Database Connectivity/Java Database Connectivity (ODBC/JDBC) application programming interfaces, the company says.

The idea is to enable companies to use the BI tools and expertise they already have to mine the boatloads of security information they collect from hardware, software, and security systems around the network.

"We're seeing companies develop a greater appetite for data mining in security," says Joe Gottlieb, CEO of SenSage. "They want to be able to ask any question and get a quick result. They want to build executive dashboards that help improve measurement of security operations. They want to be able to run algorithms against security data to do predictive analytics."

Using ODBC and JDBC, business intelligence tools such as Pentaho will be able to mine security data and use mainstream data analysis methods and processes to help identify potential vulnerabilities and develop more effective defenses, SenSage says.

SenSage 4.6 also can also accept alerts from third-party systems and network management products, like IBM Tivoli and HP OpenView, using both SNMP and proprietary protocols. A new analytics installer and log adapters will make it easier for enterprises to harvest log data to create new views of security data as well as source-specific reports.

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