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New CEO For Secunia

The board has appointed Niels Henrik Rasmussen
The board and Thomas Zeihlund have agreed a new, international profile is needed for the role of CEO for Secunia, to lead the company onwards.

Thomas Zeihlund has been CEO since 2011 and has successfully developed the business into a strong, mature organization that is now prepared to grow further.

As interim CEO, while the search for an international profile is carried out, the board has appointed Niels Henrik Rasmussen, who has been part of Secunia's management team since the very beginning: Niels Henrik Rasmussen is co-founder of Secunia, was CEO of Secunia from 2002 to 2011, and has been deputy chairman of the board from 2011 -2013.

Appointing Niels Henrik Rasmussen as interim CEO ensures that business will be conducted as usual at Secunia in the interim months, and all operations will continue as planned.