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Abandoned Apps May Pose Security Risk to Mobile Devices
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
Mobile providers don't often update users when applications are not supported by developers, security firm says.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 5/29/2020
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Cisco Announces Patches to SaltStack
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
The patches came after Cisco was notified by the Salt Open Core team that the vulnerabilities and updates were available.
By Dark Reading Staff , 5/29/2020
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All Links Are Safe ... Right?
Beyond the Edge, Dark Reading
Today is a perfect day for a security breach.
By Beyond the Edge Dark Reading, 5/29/2020
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Vulnerability Disclosures Drop in Q1 for First Time in a Decade
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
Even with more security issues published on Patch Tuesdays, the total number of software flaws dropped for the first three months of 2020, according to one tally.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 5/28/2020
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Data Loss Spikes Under COVID-19 Lockdowns
Seth Rosenblatt, Contributing WriterNews
Two new reports suggest a massive gap between how organizations have prepared their cybersecurity defenses and the reality of their efficacy.
By Seth Rosenblatt Contributing Writer, 5/28/2020
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Standing Privilege: The Attacker's Advantage
Tim Keeler, Founder and CEO, RemediantCommentary
The credential is a commodity and will continue to be breached. As a result, focus and spending must shift toward the access that the credentials provide.
By Tim Keeler Founder and CEO, Remediant, 5/27/2020
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6 Steps Consumers Should Take Following a Hack
Steve Zurier, Contributing Writer
Without the luxury of an IT security team to help them after a breach or credit card compromise, consumers will want to keep these tips in mind.
By Steve Zurier Contributing Writer, 5/27/2020
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Unpatched Open Source Libraries Leave 71% of Apps Vulnerable
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
PHP and JavaScript developers need to pay close attention because different languages and frameworks have different rates of vulnerability, research finds.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 5/19/2020
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Long-Term Remote Work: Keeping Workers Productive & Secure
Joe Payne, President and CEO at Code42Commentary
The pandemic has changed how we get work done. Now, data security must catch up.
By Joe Payne President and CEO at Code42, 5/19/2020
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Cybersecurity Extends Far Beyond Security Teams & Everyone Plays a Part
Jim Ivers, VP within the Synopsys Software Integrity GroupCommentary
Security isn't about tools or technology; it's about establishing a broad, fundamental awareness and sense of responsibility among all employees.
By Jim Ivers VP within the Synopsys Software Integrity Group, 5/19/2020
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The 3 Top Cybersecurity Myths & What You Should Know
Zack Schuler, Founder and CEO of NINJIOCommentary
With millions of employees now attempting to work from home, it's vital to challenge misconceptions about cybersecurity.
By Zack Schuler Founder and CEO of NINJIO, 5/18/2020
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4 Challenges with Existing VPNs
Michael J. Covington, Vice President of Product Strategy at WanderaCommentary
A VPN is a step in the right direction, but it's not the be-all and end-all when it comes to security and falls short in many ways.
By Michael J. Covington Vice President of Product Strategy at Wandera, 5/15/2020
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Compliance as a Way to Reduce the Risk of Insider Threats
Bob Swanson, Compliance Research Consultant, SwimlaneCommentary
Several key resources and controls can help reduce overall risk by providing guidance on proper control implementation, preventative measures to deploy, and an emphasis on organizationwide training.
By Bob Swanson Compliance Research Consultant, Swimlane, 5/14/2020
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6 Free Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Courses
Jai Vijayan, Contributing Writer
Most are designed to help organizations address teleworking risks related to COVID-19 scams.
By Jai Vijayan Contributing Writer, 5/12/2020
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Why DevSecOps Is Critical for Containers and Kubernetes
Kirsten Newcomer, Senior Principal Product Manager at Red Hat OpenShiftCommentary
DevSecOps is a big and sometimes difficult shift for organizations. The key to success? Take small steps.
By Kirsten Newcomer Senior Principal Product Manager at Red Hat OpenShift, 5/8/2020
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Now More Than Ever? Securing the Software Life Cycle
John Worrall, Chief Executive Officer at ZeroNorthCommentary
The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's true for software security, even in these turbulent times.
By John Worrall Chief Executive Officer at ZeroNorth, 5/7/2020
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Is CVSS the Right Standard for Prioritization?
Jeffrey Martin, Senior Director of Product at WhiteSourceCommentary
More than 55% of open source vulnerabilities are rated high or critical. To truly understand a vulnerability and how it might affect an organization or product, we need much more than a number.
By Jeffrey Martin Senior Director of Product at WhiteSource, 5/6/2020
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Malicious Use of AI Poses a Real Cybersecurity Threat
Erik Zouave, Swedish Defense Research Agency FOICommentary
We should prepare for a future in which artificially intelligent cyberattacks become more common.
By Erik Zouave Swedish Defense Research Agency FOI, 5/5/2020
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Best Practices for Managing a Remote SOC
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing WriterNews
Experts share what it takes to get your security analysts effectively countering threats from their home offices.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, 5/1/2020
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Healthcare Targeted By More Attacks But Less Sophistication
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
An increase in attacks targeting healthcare organizations suggests that perhaps new cybercriminals are getting into the game.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 4/30/2020
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COVID-19: Latest Security News & Commentary
Dark Reading Staff 5/28/2020
Stay-at-Home Orders Coincide With Massive DNS Surge
Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer,  5/27/2020
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Dark Reading - Bug Report
Bug Report
Enterprise Vulnerabilities
From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2020-05-29
There is an Incorrect Authorization vulnerability in Micro Focus Service Management Automation (SMA) product affecting version 2018.05 to 2020.02. The vulnerability could be exploited to provide unauthorized access to the Container Deployment Foundation.
PUBLISHED: 2020-05-29
A Denial of Service vulnerability in MuleSoft Mule CE/EE 3.8.x, 3.9.x, and 4.x released before April 7, 2020, could allow remote attackers to submit data which can lead to resource exhaustion.
PUBLISHED: 2020-05-29
All versions of snyk-broker before 4.72.2 are vulnerable to Arbitrary File Read. It allows arbitrary file reads for users who have access to Snyk's internal network by appending the URL with a fragment identifier and a whitelisted path e.g. `#package.json`
PUBLISHED: 2020-05-29
All versions of snyk-broker after 4.72.0 including and before 4.73.1 are vulnerable to Arbitrary File Read. It allows arbitrary file reads to users with access to Snyk's internal network of any files ending in the following extensions: yaml, yml or json.
PUBLISHED: 2020-05-29
All versions of snyk-broker before 4.73.1 are vulnerable to Information Exposure. It logs private keys if logging level is set to DEBUG.