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How We Enabled Ransomware to Become a Multibillion-Dollar Industry
Srinivas Mukkamala, Co-founder & CEO, RiskSenseCommentary
As an industry, we must move beyond one-dimensional approaches to assessing ransomware exposures. Asking these four questions will help.
By Srinivas Mukkamala Co-founder & CEO, RiskSense, 2/27/2020
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What Your Company Needs to Know About Hardware Supply Chain Security
Daniel Wood, Associate Vice President of Consulting, Bishop FoxCommentary
By establishing a process and framework, you can ensure you're not giving more advanced attackers carte blanche to your environment.
By Daniel Wood Associate Vice President of Consulting, Bishop Fox, 2/27/2020
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Open Cybersecurity Alliance Releases New Language for Security Integration
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
OpenDXL Ontology is intended to allow security components to interoperate right out of the box.
By Dark Reading Staff , 2/26/2020
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Ensure Your Cloud Security Is as Modern as Your Business
Nicolas (Nico) Fischbach, Global CTO at ForcepointCommentary
Take a comprehensive approach to better protect your organization. Security hygiene is a must, but also look at your risk posture through a data protection lens.
By Nicolas (Nico) Fischbach Global CTO at Forcepoint, 2/25/2020
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Solving the Cloud Data Security Conundrum
Faiyaz Shahpurwala, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for FortanixCommentary
Trusting the cloud involves a change in mindset. You must be ready to use runtime encryption in the cloud.
By Faiyaz Shahpurwala Chief Product and Strategy Officer for Fortanix, 2/24/2020
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5 Strategies to Secure Cloud Operations Against Today's Cyber Threats
Chris Christou & Brad Beaulieu, Director of Cloud Security / Cloud Security Engineer at Booz Allen HamiltonCommentary
With these fundamentals in mind, organizations can reduce their security and compliance risks as they reap the cloud's many benefits:
By Chris Christou & Brad Beaulieu Director of Cloud Security / Cloud Security Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton, 2/20/2020
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Zero-Factor Authentication: Owning Our Data
Nick Selby, Chief Security Officer at Paxos Trust CompanyCommentary
Are you asking the right questions to determine how well your vendors will protect your data? Probably not.
By Nick Selby Chief Security Officer at Paxos Trust Company, 2/19/2020
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Don't Let Iowa Bring Our Elections Back to the Stone Age
Andre McGregor, Chief Security Officer at ShiftState & Veteran FBI AgentCommentary
The voting experience should be the same whether the vote is in person, by mail, or over the Internet. Let's not allow one bad incident stop us from finding new ways to achieve this.
By Andre McGregor Chief Security Officer at ShiftState & Veteran FBI Agent, 2/19/2020
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Cyber Fitness Takes More Than a Gym Membership & a Crash Diet
Ryan Weeks, Chief Information Security Officer at DattoCommentary
Make cybersecurity your top priority, moving away from addressing individual problems with Band-Aids and toward attaining a long-term cyber-fitness plan.
By Ryan Weeks Chief Information Security Officer at Datto, 2/18/2020
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Small Business Security: 5 Tips on How and Where to Start
Mike Puglia, Chief Strategy Officer at KaseyaCommentary
There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for security, but a robust plan and the implementation of new technologies will help you and your IT team sleep better.
By Mike Puglia Chief Strategy Officer at Kaseya, 2/13/2020
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Stop Defending Everything
Kevin Kurzawa, Senior Information Security AuditorCommentary
Instead, try prioritizing with the aid of a thorough asset inventory.
By Kevin Kurzawa Senior Information Security Auditor, 2/12/2020
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5 Common Errors That Allow Attackers to Go Undetected
Matt Middleton-Leal, General Manager and Chief Security Strategist, NetwrixCommentary
Make these mistakes and invaders might linger in your systems for years.
By Matt Middleton-Leal General Manager and Chief Security Strategist, Netwrix, 2/12/2020
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Why Ransomware Will Soon Target the Cloud
Corey Nachreiner, Chief Technology Officer, WatchGuard TechnologiesCommentary
As businesses' daily operations become more dependent on cloud services, ransomware authors will follow to maximize profits. The good news: Many of the best practices for physical servers also apply to the cloud.
By Corey Nachreiner Chief Technology Officer, WatchGuard Technologies, 2/11/2020
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6 Factors That Raise The Stakes For IoT Security
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer
Developments that exacerbate the risk and complicate making Internet of Things devices more secure.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, 2/10/2020
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Day in the Life of a Bot
Steve Winterfeld, Advisory CISO at AkamaiCommentary
A typical workday for a bot, from its own point of view.
By Steve Winterfeld Advisory CISO at Akamai, 2/10/2020
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Ransomware Attacks: Why It Should Be Illegal to Pay the Ransom
Fleming Shi, Chief Technical Officer at Barracuda NetworksCommentary
For cities, states and towns, paying up is short-sighted and only makes the problem worse.
By Fleming Shi Chief Technical Officer at Barracuda Networks, 2/4/2020
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Embracing a Prevention Mindset to Protect Critical Infrastructure
Benny Czarny, Founder & CEO of OPSWATCommentary
A zero-trust, prevention-first approach is necessary to keep us safe, now and going forward.
By Benny Czarny Founder & CEO of OPSWAT, 1/31/2020
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Securing Containers with Zero Trust
Peter Smith, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Edgewise NetworksCommentary
A software identity-based approach should become a standard security measure for protecting workloads in all enterprise networks.
By Peter Smith Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Edgewise Networks, 1/29/2020
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Why DPOs and CISOs Must Work Closely Together
Rajesh Ganesan, Vice President at ManageEngineCommentary
Recent data protection laws mean that the data protection officer and CISO must work in tandem to make sure users' data is protected.
By Rajesh Ganesan Vice President at ManageEngine, 1/22/2020
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Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from 'The Rise of Skywalker'
Matt Davey, Chief Operations Optimist, 1PasswordCommentary
They're especially relevant regarding several issues we face now, including biometrics, secure data management, and human error with passwords.
By Matt Davey Chief Operations Optimist, 1Password, 1/22/2020
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5 Ways to Up Your Threat Management Game
Wayne Reynolds, Advisory CISO, Kudelski Security,  2/26/2020
Exploitation, Phishing Top Worries for Mobile Users
Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer,  2/28/2020
Kr00k Wi-Fi Vulnerability Affected a Billion Devices
Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer,  2/26/2020
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2020-02-28
On the QFX3500 and QFX3600 platforms, the number of bytes collected from the RANDOM_INTERRUPT entropy source when the device boots up is insufficient, possibly leading to weak or duplicate SSH keys or self-signed SSL/TLS certificates. Entropy increases after the system has been up and running for so...
PUBLISHED: 2020-02-28
Background For regular, unencrypted FTP traffic, the FTP ALG can inspect the unencrypted control channel and open related sessions for the FTP data channel. These related sessions (gates) are specific to source and destination IPs and ports of client and server. The design intent of the ftps-extensi...
PUBLISHED: 2020-02-28
An open redirect is present on the gateway's login page, which could cause a user to be redirected to a malicious site after logging in.
PUBLISHED: 2020-02-28
A reflected XSS vulnerability exists within the gateway, allowing an attacker to craft a specialized URL which could steal the user's authentication token. When combined with CVE-2020-6803, an attacker could fully compromise the system.
PUBLISHED: 2020-02-28
BigFix Self-Service Application (SSA) is vulnerable to arbitrary code execution if Javascript code is included in Running Message or Post Message HTML.