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Never Trust, Always Verify: Demystifying Zero Trust to Secure Your Networks
John Kindervag, Field CTO at Palo Alto NetworksCommentary
The point of Zero Trust is not to make networks, clouds, or endpoints more trusted; it's to eliminate the concept of trust from digital systems altogether.
By John Kindervag Field CTO at Palo Alto Networks, 6/24/2019
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Patrolling the New Cybersecurity Perimeter
Tim Brown, Vice President of Security at SolarWindsCommentary
Remote work and other developments demand a shift to managing people rather than devices.
By Tim Brown Vice President of Security at SolarWinds, 6/21/2019
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The Hunt for Vulnerabilities
Jim Souders, Chief Executive Officer at AdaptivaCommentary
A road map for improving the update process will help reduce the risks from vulnerabilities.
By Jim Souders Chief Executive Officer at Adaptiva, 6/20/2019
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Serverless Computing from the Inside Out
Joe Vadakkan, Global Cloud Security Leader, Optiv SecurityCommentary
The biggest 'serverless' risks don't stem from the technology itself. They occur when organizations respond to the adoption from the outside in.
By Joe Vadakkan Global Cloud Security Leader, Optiv Security, 6/19/2019
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Can Your Patching Strategy Keep Up with the Demands of Open Source?
 Tim Mackey, Principal Security Strategist, CyRC, at SynopsysCommentary
It's time to reassess your open source management policies and processes.
By Tim Mackey Principal Security Strategist, CyRC, at Synopsys, 6/18/2019
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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up the Cloud
Kaus Phaltankar, CEO and Co-Founder at CaveonixCommentary
Most companies' cloud security operations would benefit significantly from clean-up, alignment, and organization.
By Kaus Phaltankar CEO and Co-Founder at Caveonix, 6/17/2019
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The CISO's Drive to Consolidation
Nik Whitfield, Computer Scientist & Security Technology EntrepreneurCommentary
Cutting back on the number of security tools you're using can save money and leave you safer. Here's how to get started.
By Nik Whitfield Computer Scientist & Security Technology Entrepreneur, 6/13/2019
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7 Truths About BEC Scams
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer
Business email compromise attacks are growing in prevalence and creativity. Here's a look at how they work, the latest stats, and some recent horror stories.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, 6/13/2019
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Tomorrow's Cybersecurity Analyst Is Not Who You Think
Chris Schueler, Senior VP, Managed Security Services, TrustwaveCommentary
Organizations can't just rely on diverse and cutting-edge technologies to fight adversaries. They will also need people with diverse expertise and backgrounds.
By Chris Schueler Senior VP, Managed Security Services, Trustwave, 6/12/2019
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Predicting Vulnerability Weaponization
Srinivas Mukkamala, Co-founder & CEO, RiskSenseCommentary
Advances in data science are making it possible to shift vulnerability management from a reactive to a proactive discipline.
By Srinivas Mukkamala Co-founder & CEO, RiskSense, 6/12/2019
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How to Get the Most Benefits from Biometrics
Bojan Simic, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder of HYPRCommentary
Providing an easy-to-use, uniform authentication experience without passwords is simpler than you may think.
By Bojan Simic Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder of HYPR, 6/5/2019
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Why FedRAMP Matters to Non-Federal Organizations
Daniel P. Kent, Director, Public Sector Engineering & CTO, Cisco SystemsCommentary
Commercial companies should explore how FedRAMP can help mitigate risk as they move to the cloud.
By Daniel P. Kent Director, Public Sector Engineering & CTO, Cisco Systems, 6/4/2019
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Certifiably Distracted: The Economics of Cybersecurity
Dan Didier, VP of Services, GreyCastle SecurityCommentary
Is cybersecurity worth the investment? It depends.
By Dan Didier VP of Services, GreyCastle Security, 6/3/2019
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Focusing on Endpoints: 5 Steps to Fight Cybercrime
Matthew Lewinski, Distinguished Engineer at Quest SoftwareCommentary
Follow these best practices to strengthen endpoint management strategies and protect company data.
By Matthew Lewinski Distinguished Engineer at Quest Software, 5/31/2019
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The Ransomware Dilemma: What if Your Local Government Is Next?
Todd Weller, Chief Strategy Officer at Bandura CyberCommentary
Baltimore has so far refused to comply with a ransom demand. It's being forced to make a decision all such victims face: to act morally or practically.
By Todd Weller Chief Strategy Officer at Bandura Cyber, 5/30/2019
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Don't Just Tune Your SIEM, Retune It
Robin Hicks, IT Security Engineer, CEDAR CX TechnologiesCommentary
Your SIEM isn't a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. It's time for a spring cleaning.
By Robin Hicks IT Security Engineer, CEDAR CX Technologies, 5/29/2019
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FirstAm Leak Highlights Importance of Verifying the Basics
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
The Fortune 500 giant in the real estate industry missed a basic vulnerability in its website, leaving as many as 885 million sensitive records accessible to attackers. The fix: teaching developers the top 10 security issues and frequent testing.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 5/28/2019
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8 Ways to Authenticate Without Passwords
Steve Zurier, Contributing Writer
Passwordless authentication has a shot at becoming more ubiquitous in the next few years. We take a look at where things stand at the moment.
By Steve Zurier Contributing Writer, 5/28/2019
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'Cattle, Not Pets' & the Rise of Security-as-Code
Andrew Williams, Director of Program Development, CoalfireCommentary
Nearly a decade in, the famous analogy has underpinned a sea change in enterprise IT, but still falls short of the security mark. More recent developments can help.
By Andrew Williams Director of Program Development, Coalfire, 5/28/2019
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How Security Vendors Can Address the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage
Rob Rashotte, VP of Global Training and Technical Field Enablement at FortinetCommentary
The talent gap is too large for any one sector, and cybersecurity vendors have a big role to play in helping to close it.
By Rob Rashotte VP of Global Training and Technical Field Enablement at Fortinet, 5/24/2019
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Can Your Patching Strategy Keep Up with the Demands of Open Source?
Tim Mackey, Principal Security Strategist, CyRC, at Synopsys,  6/18/2019
Florida Town Pays $600K to Ransomware Operators
Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor at Dark Reading,  6/20/2019
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Enterprise Vulnerabilities
From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2019-06-24
In the miniOrange SAML SP Single Sign On plugin before 4.8.73 for WordPress, the SAML Login Endpoint is vulnerable to XSS via a specially crafted SAMLResponse XML post.
PUBLISHED: 2019-06-24
The MakerBot Replicator 5G printer runs an Apache HTTP Server with directory indexing enabled. Apache logs, system logs, design files (i.e., a history of print files), and more are exposed to unauthenticated attackers through this HTTP server.
PUBLISHED: 2019-06-24
The ABB IDAL FTP server is vulnerable to a buffer overflow when a long string is sent by an authenticated attacker. This overflow is handled, but terminates the process. An authenticated attacker can send a FTP command string of 472 bytes or more to overflow a buffer, causing an exception that termi...
PUBLISHED: 2019-06-24
The ASUS HiVivo aspplication before 5.6.27 for ASUS Watch has Missing SSL Certificate Validation.
PUBLISHED: 2019-06-24
An issue was discovered in the Ultimate Member plugin 2.39 for WordPress. It allows unauthorized profile and cover picture modification. It is possible to modify the profile and cover picture of any user once one is connected. One can also modify the profiles and cover pictures of privileged users. ...