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Prioritizing High-Risk Assets: A 4-Step Approach to Mitigating Insider Threats
David A. Sanders, Director of Insider Threat Operations at HaystaxCommentary
Sound insider threat detection programs combine contextual data and a thorough knowledge of employee roles and behaviors to pinpoint the biggest risks.
By David A. Sanders Director of Insider Threat Operations at Haystax, 4/2/2020
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Best Practices to Manage Third-Party Cyber-Risk Today
Doug Clare, Vice President, Fraud, Compliance, and Security Solutions at FICOCommentary
Bold new thinking is needed to solve the rapidly evolving challenge of third-party risk management.
By Doug Clare Vice President, Fraud, Compliance, and Security Solutions at FICO, 4/2/2020
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Why All Employees Are Responsible for Company Cybersecurity
Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer, OktaCommentary
It's not just the IT and security team's responsibility to keep data safe -- every member of the team needs to be involved.
By Diya Jolly Chief Product Officer, Okta, 4/1/2020
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Active Directory Attacks Hit the Mainstream
Jason Crabtree, CEO & Co-Founder, QOMPLXCommentary
Understanding the limitations of authentication protocols, especially as enterprises link authentication to cloud services to Active Directory, is essential for security teams in the modern federated enterprise.
By Jason Crabtree CEO & Co-Founder, QOMPLX, 4/1/2020
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Patching Poses Security Problems with Move to More Remote Work
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
Security teams were not ready for the wholesale move to remote work and the sudden expansion of the attack surface area, experts say.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 3/31/2020
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How Much Downtime Can Your Company Handle?
Marc Wilczek, Digital Strategist & COO of Link11Commentary
Why every business needs cyber resilience and quick recovery times.
By Marc Wilczek Digital Strategist & COO of Link11, 3/31/2020
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The Wild, Wild West(world) of Cybersecurity
Bil Harmer​, CISO & Chief Evangelist at SecureAuthCommentary
Though set in the future, HBO's "Westworld" works as an allegory for the present moment in cybersecurity.
By Bil Harmer​ CISO & Chief Evangelist at SecureAuth, 3/27/2020
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3 Mobile Security Problems That Most Security Teams Haven't Fixed Yet
Michael J. Covington, Vice President of Product Strategy at WanderaCommentary
Mobility must be included in the security operations workflow so that company data is protected regardless of where remote workers are located.
By Michael J. Covington Vice President of Product Strategy at Wandera, 3/26/2020
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Do DevOps Teams Need a Company Attorney on Speed Dial?
Shahar Sperling, Chief Architect at HCL AppScanCommentary
In today's regulatory and legislative environment, companies and individuals are exposed to lawsuits over security breaches, resulting in significant fines and ending careers.
By Shahar Sperling Chief Architect at HCL AppScan, 3/25/2020
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Vulnerability Management Isn't Just a Numbers Game
Prateek Bhajanka, VP of Product Management, Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response at QualysCommentary
Attackers work 24/7, so you have to be vigilant around the clock. Time for some game theory.
By Prateek Bhajanka VP of Product Management, Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response at Qualys, 3/24/2020
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From Zero to Hero: CISO Edition
Mike Convertino, Chief Security Officer at Arceo.aiCommentary
It's time for organizations to realize that an empowered CISO can effectively manage enterprise risk and even grow the business along the way.
By Mike Convertino Chief Security Officer at Arceo.ai, 3/23/2020
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Security Ratings Are a Dangerous Fantasy
Dr. Tim Junio, co-founder and CEO of ExpanseCommentary
They don't predict breaches, and they don't help people make valuable business decisions or make users any safer.
By Dr. Tim Junio co-founder and CEO of Expanse, 3/20/2020
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Cyber Resilience Benchmarks 2020
Marc Wilczek, Digital Strategist & COO of Link11Commentary
Here are four things that separate the leaders from the laggards when fighting cyber threats.
By Marc Wilczek Digital Strategist & COO of Link11, 3/19/2020
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Facebook Got Tagged, but Not Hard Enough
Billee Elliott McAuliffe, Member, Lewis Rice LLCCommentary
Ensuring that our valuable biometric information is protected is worth more than a $550 million settlement.
By Billee Elliott McAuliffe Member, Lewis Rice LLC, 3/18/2020
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Needed: A Cybersecurity Good Samaritan Law
Tom McAndrew, CEO at CoalfireCommentary
Legislation should protect the good hackers who are helping to keep us safe, not just go after the bad.
By Tom McAndrew CEO at Coalfire, 3/17/2020
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Fewer Vulnerabilities in Web Frameworks, but Exploits Remain Steady
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
Attackers continue to focus on web and application frameworks, such as Apache Struts and WordPress, fighting against a decline in vulnerabilities, according to an analysis.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 3/16/2020
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Texas Chose to Fight Ransomware and Not Pay. What About the Rest of Us?
Yaniv Valik, VP Product, Cyber and IT Resilience, Continuity SoftwareCommentary
Law-abiding folks like us applauded Texas for its bravery but would we have the steel will to stand on the side of justice if it happened to us? Probably not.
By Yaniv Valik VP Product, Cyber and IT Resilience, Continuity Software, 3/13/2020
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How the Rise of IoT Is Changing the CISO Role
Phil Neray, VP of IoT & Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberXCommentary
Prepare for the future by adopting a risk-based approach. Following these five steps can help.
By Phil Neray VP of IoT & Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberX, 3/11/2020
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3 Tips to Stay Secure When You Lose an Employee
Bil Harmer​, CISO & Chief Evangelist at SecureAuthCommentary
Whether they leave for a better job or get fired, and whether they mean to cause problems or do so out of ignorance, ex-workers can pose a threat to your company.
By Bil Harmer​ CISO & Chief Evangelist at SecureAuth, 3/10/2020
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How Network Metadata Can Transform Compromise Assessment
Ricardo Villadiego, Founder and CEO of LumuCommentary
Listen more closely and your network's metadata will surrender insights the bad guys counted on keeping secret
By Ricardo Villadiego Founder and CEO of Lumu, 3/10/2020
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-06
In Hydra (an OAuth2 Server and OpenID Certifiedâ„¢ OpenID Connect Provider written in Go), before version 1.4.0+oryOS.17, when using client authentication method 'private_key_jwt' [1], OpenId specification says the following about assertion `jti`: "A unique identifier for the t...
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-06
There is Authenticated remote code execution in Centreon Infrastructure Monitoring Software through 19.10 via Pollers misconfiguration, leading to system compromise via apache crontab misconfiguration, This allows the apache user to modify an executable file executed by root at 22:30 every day. To e...
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-06
hw/net/tulip.c in QEMU 4.2.0 has a buffer overflow during the copying of tx/rx buffers because the frame size is not validated against the r/w data length.
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-06
An Untrusted Search Path vulnerability in Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 8.0.3 could cause arbitrary code execution with SYSTEM privileges when a malicious DLL library is loaded.
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-06
An issue was discovered in Project Worlds Official Car Rental System 1. It allows the admin user to run commands on the server with their account because the upload section on the file-manager page contains an arbitrary file upload vulnerability via add_cars.php. There are no upload restrictions for...