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TrustPort Enhances AV PC Security

TrustPort PC Security enhanced with new methods of shredding sensitive data
May 19, 2009 - TrustPort PC Security antivirus solution and its central administration called TrustPort Management are coming out in new versions. TrustPort PC Security has been enhanced by new, more reliable methods of shredding sensitive data. TrustPort Management has been optimized for flawless administration of security solutions TrustPort Antivirus, and TrustPort PC Security on individual workstations within a network.

Most of the security packages supplied by other antivirus manufacturers focus purely on protection against viruses, spyware, and hackers. TrustPort PC Security goes further; in addition to an antivirus, antispyware, and firewall, it also contains additional security modules. These are Archive Encryption for the secure storage of files in encrypted archives, module eSign for generating and use of electronic signatures, and module Disk Protection for the protection of online files encrypted on a virtual disk.

Very sensitive data exists, which must be removed and its restoration prevented. For this exact purpose, the module DataShredder is included in the program TrustPort PC Security. Several methods are used for shredding, differentiated by the degree of reliability. The users select the preferred method, according to how confidential the data is that they want to destroy. The new version now includes five new shredding methods. One of them is a highly reliable method based on TrustPort's research, which checks the data being destroyed, during the final stage of shredding.

Large companies and institutions implementing antivirus software into their computer networks cannot go without adequate tools for mass installation and configuration of software on individual workstations. The quality of this software varies for different manufacturers. TrustPort Management is continuously undergoing development to enable truly effective and comfortable implementation of both TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security into company networks.

"One of the reasons for issuing a new version of TrustPort Management has been the division of TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security into home edition and company edition," explains Petr Vank, head of the development department at TrustPort. "TrustPort Management is now completely compatible with all versions of TrustPort client software." At the same time, TrustPort Management can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Help for network administrators is coming from the Client Probe System utility, which is supplied as part of TrustPort Management. Due to certain settings, remote installation of TrustPort antivirus software cannot be performed on some computers within the network. This new utility when applied directly to the computer, allows the analysis and troubleshooting of problems which initially prevented the remote administration through the TrustPort Management interface. Although similar bothersome situations rarely occur, the possibility of an easy solution is a great added value for customers.

TrustPort, Inc. is a major producer of solutions for secure communications and reliable data protection. The portfolio includes both products for individual computers and for network servers, preventing known threats and detecting new dangers. TrustPort client-side solutions provide protection against all kinds of malware, tools for reliable encryption, electronic signature and data shredding. TrustPort server-side solutions offer advanced methods of protecting mail and web traffic of the company. The portfolio is complemented by products addressing certification, timestamps and other areas.

TrustPort, Inc. was founded in March 2008 with the detachment from the development division of AEC Ltd. It now belongs to the Cleverlance Holding, which is one of the largest enterprises in Central Europe providing solutions and services in the field of Information Technology.