Trend Micro Rolls Out LeakProof 3.0

Trend Micro announces its first data leak prevention solution

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Trend Micro Incorporated (TSE: 4704), a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, today announced Trend Micro LeakProof 3.0, the company’s first data leak prevention solution. The latest version of LeakProof, obtained through the acquisition of Provilla, Inc., educates and interacts with endpoint users so that data leaks and security threats are prevented.

Turning employees into security assets

A majority of data leaks happen from within, either by accident or on purpose by valid users who have access to the data within a corporate network. A company’s greatest asset – their employees – can also be their greatest security liability. The new interactive endpoint alerts of Trend Micro LeakProof 3.0 enable IT managers to define content-sensitive dialog boxes that appear directly onto an employee’s computer screen. These alert boxes educate employees on the appropriate handling of confidential information, raise awareness of security issues and enlist their support in preventing data from “walking out of the door.”

The endpoint “danger alert “dialog box provides a framework for administrators to define and customize security warnings to employees and the steps they can take when a potential security violation occurs. LeakProof 3.0 also includes new enhancements such as encryption support and a redesigned management console for easier monitoring and administration of security policies. Administrators can define policies for education, justification and encryption to ensure that employees play an active role in protecting sensitive information whether they are on a company’s network, in a remote office, or outside the network with a mobile device.

“Companies need to have an offensive strategy when it comes to preventing security threats and data leaks. Security products are effective, but companies need to get their employees involved on a daily basis,” said Glen Kosaka, director of marketing for Trend Micro’s data leak prevention business unit. “People need to know how they might be compromising their company’s data by the actions they take such as transferring files onto a USB drive to take out of the office. With LeakProof 3.0, enterprises can make data security a part of the company culture and get employees on their side in the battle to protect sensitive data.”

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