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PandaLabs: 22K New Malware Samples Found A Day In '08

Rogue antimalware programs were among the fastest growing threats of 2008, according to Panda Security's malware analysis and detection laboratory
GLENDALE, Calif., Jan. 8, 2008 - PandaLabs, Panda Security's malware analysis and detection laboratory, today announced the general availability of its 2008 annual report. Last year PandaLabs detected an average of 35,000 malware samples each day, 22,000 of which were new infections. By the year's end, the total count of malware threats detected by PandaLabs exceeded 15 million. This number surpassed initial projections by over 5 million and resulted in Panda's detection of more malware in the first eight months of 2008 than in the company's previous 17 years combined. The PandaLabs 2008 Annual Report can be downloaded here: