New 'Safer' Social Networking Site Debuts heralds new approach to Social Networking, eschews music for maturity

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- is the exciting new Social Networking venture from Internet and Search Engine Marketing Guru Randy Zlobec, author of Search Engine Marketing Book, “SEM Gorilla”. With emphasis on friends and family, and less importance placed on music and media, will be THE social networking site for those looking to escape the spammy nature of MySpace.

“Although it’s obviously a great success, I think the problem with MySpace is the amount of advertising it has given itself over to,” Zlobec states when asked why he started “Many of my friends have a MySpace account and the one thing we all agree on is the frustration of logging on to find out you have 30 new messages from people you don’t know, trying to sell you a magic pill or similar! Also, there are all the adverts that take up all your page space, not to mention the amount of times accounts have been hacked. With Zubby, we aim to change all that and more.”

To emphasize just how this change is going to be implemented, Zlobec has set his stall out from the start with Look around the site, and the first thing you’ll notice is a distinct lack of music and media. The option is there, much like YouTube and Facebook, to have your own music and video files on your page, but that’s it – no bands to continuously bombard you for support, whether you like their music or not. It’s testament to Zlobec and his team’s design skills that you don’t even miss this feature – like the blurb says, is for people first and foremost.

“One of the things that I really want to do with Zubby is make it a safe and friendly, family-oriented site,” Zlobec continues. “You can use it to network, meet new people, maybe even arrange business deals – the possibilities are endless. But at the end of the day, I want it to be something that promotes Internet security and safety. We all read the newspapers; we know the horror stories of people being stalked or terrorized by so-called online ‘friends’. With Zubby, we’ll be implementing a special unique feature that will protect our children online. I think that alone makes Zubby stand out from the rest.”


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