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AV-Test Reissues Android AV Test

Joint statement from and MYMobileSecurity
When the test and report of Android security applications released by the 6th of March 2012 MYMobileSecurity reacted immediately as it was clear something in the test procedure was not working as the result of the report was surprising. MYMobileSecurity, the maker of the MYAndroid Protection, was certain that the test procedures followed were incorrect and got in contact with

After a very professional communication and dialog between the two companies the problems had been identified and therefore can today release a new and correct test.

The management team at MYMobileSecurity has more than 20 year´s extensive knowledge and background in the traditional PC security sector. MYMobileSecurity have always had the highest respect for, their credibility and the whole organization which founder and CEO Andreas Marx have created over the past many years. “I must say that the past 4-5 days co-operation have only confirmed even more what we already knew”, says Janus R Nielsen, MYMobileSecurity CSO and Co-Founder.

“When we approached with our observations they acted swiftly and professional. They were very well aware of the impact their reports and tests normally have. They decided to look into our findings and quickly responded with an update. I am very pleased and impressed”, says Kevin Freij, MYMobileSecurity CEO.

“We have more than 15 year’s experience in the AV testing industry. Credibility and independency is absolutely key for us. We are very happy that MYMobileSecurity approached us after we released the first report last week. It is our belief that we have set standards in the testing industry, accuracy is of highest importance in our released reports and we are glad that we swiftly could update and release a new report already within 2 business days after the first contact. I would like to thank MYMobileSecurity´s management and their test labs for the assistance and professional co-operation in this matter”, says Andreas Marx, CEO

“I will also ask everyone using, referring to and posting parts of, or the whole report in their own publications and websites to discard the first released report from the 6th of March 2012 as it is not correct. Today we have released an updated version which we consider correct”, ends Andreas Marx.