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12:55 PM
Joan Goodchild
Joan Goodchild
Edge Articles

6 Unique InfoSec Metrics CISOs Should Track in 2020

You might not find these measurements on a standard cybersecurity department checklist. But they can help evaluate risks you haven't even considered yet.

(image by didesign, via Adobe Stock)
(image by didesign, via Adobe Stock)

Security Team Proficiency

As Hank Thomas, CEO at Strategic Cyber Ventures, a Washington, DC-based venture capital firm that invests in cybersecurity companies, says:

"Many have found themselves in a position where they are spread so thin across their security stack that duplication of effort and smooth collaboration amongst their tools and teams has become highly complex. They don't think they can take the time to train or test their teams — often it is trial by fire and on-the-job training. This can and should be measured through red-team exercises and other war games that stress teams and their abilities to operate in complex security environments.

"The military does this all the time to prepare for war with much success. Tools and teams that don't operate to standard go back for retraining, and the process is constantly repeating itself. Great metrics come out of teams that spend time doing efforts like these."

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Joan Goodchild is a veteran journalist, editor, and writer who has been covering security for more than a decade. She has written for several publications and previously served as editor-in-chief for CSO Online. View Full Bio
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