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Enterprises Planning SecOps Technology Deployments

With the easing of pandemic-related restrictions, enterprise defenders report they are investigating security operations technology to manage new risks that emerged over the past year.

Over the past year, many security leaders revamped their security strategies to keep up with rapid changes to the business environment caused by the pandemic. Data from the Dark Reading and Omdia "Enterprise Security in a Post Pandemic World" report shows most security leaders are concerned about remote access risks, vulnerabilities in newly rearchitected IT systems, and security exposures in cloud environments. As enterprises shift to a distributed business environment where some people will remain remote and others will return to the office, security leaders are looking at new technologies and services to improve the security measures in place and are willing to invest in various enterprise cybersecurity operations (SecOps) technologies.

According to the report, 37% of organizations are currently researching or actively evaluating products for cloud threat detection and response, and 25% have already deployed or are deploying the capability. Similarly, 36% are looking into attack surface management tools, and 26% have either already deployed or are currently deploying them. With cloud adoption soaring and the current shift to more distributed work and business environments, many security teams are considering future investment in SecOps technologies, such as behavioral analytics (34%), threat hunting (33%), extended detection and response (31%), and security orchestration and response (SOAR) platforms (27%).

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Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading
Shikha Kothari, Senior Security Adviser, Eden Data