What Security Threat Keeps You Up at Night?

Which security threat is causing the most new wrinkles to appear on your face? Security Now wants to know.

When you're lying in your bed at night, staring up at the darkened ceiling while listening for the noises that have replaced ticking clocks since the digital time era dawned, what thoughts are running through your head? Which worries press most heavily on your furrowed brow? Here at Security Now, we want to know.

Let me be specific: We want to know about the worries that involve IT security. If your deepest worries involve romance, lack of romance, any member of your family or where your cat is making that awful noise, we really don't want to know. Please.

Since we don't have room to list every possible fear-generating actor or activity (and because I really hate long surveys), there are four specific options, one omnibus choice and one that might just indicate you should recalibrate your Xanax dose. Each is, I think, a valid option and I'm curious to see which works for the Security Now community.

As with all our polls, after allowing time for folks to register their choices I'll do some of the flashy analysis for which we're becoming famous -- yes, there will be more HONEST analysis involved. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the options. Are there other dangers that should have made the list? Are there specific concerns within the broad categories that you think reign over the others like some GoT war-dragon swooping in to consume your IT infrastructure? Let me know!

You can find the poll over at the top of the right-hand column of the page, or you can go here to see the poll without the rest of the site cluttering things up. One way or the other, please take the poll. The community is waiting to see what goes bump in the night of our IT nightmares.

— Curtis Franklin is the editor of Follow him on Twitter @kg4gwa.

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