HONEST Results of the First Security Now Poll

Your opinion matters to us. That's why we're sharing the HONEST results of our polls.

Here at Security Now, we're all about you, our community members. That's why we publish these articles and why we ask you questions -- questions like our most recent survey on when you think the next shoe will drop in the saga of weapons found in the Wikileaks Vault 7 release. And according to most of you, we don't have long to wait.

Now, we understand that the polls we conduct here on our pages aren't going to fuel academic research. That's why it's important that we properly label the conclusions. I think it's accurate to call them a Highly Opinionated, Not Especially Scientific Tally -- or, as I like to think of them: HONEST results.

So what are the HONEST results from our recent survey? Half of the community answering the survey thinks that we have six months to wait for another attack. Almost a third of you don't think we've got that long; you're only going to hold your breath for a month. That means that more than 80% of our community thinks that we'll have spent time mopping up a Vault 7 attack by the time we sit down to our Thanksgiving turkey and dressing.

Since about 11% of you announced your intention to go find a nice, comfy, off-line yurt in which to live your corporate lives, that leaves about 10% of our community that anticipates waiting for a new Vault 7 attack into 2018.

How Long Will We Wait?

Percentage Responding

1 month


6 months


1 year


More than one year


We've seen the last of these attacks -- no worries!


I really have no idea; I'm just going to go hide somewhere offline


Time will tell, of course, and we'll be here to talk about the results when it does. In the meantime, let's use the comment section below to talk about just what form we think the next attack will take: IoT attack? Another worm? An attack through a previously benign data type? Let us know what you think -- and look for our next poll question to set up our next HONEST results!

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