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NSA Schools Microsoft About Crypto
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
In an unprecedented move, the National Security Agency advised Microsoft about a bug in one of the CryptoAPI libraries used since NT 4.0 days.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/16/2020
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Reusing Code? Inspect It First
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
Microsoft is doing something concrete about container security with the release of the Microsoft Application Inspector, a cross-platform tool whose primary objective is to identify source code features in a systematic and scalable way.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/21/2020
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German Companies Want Even More Local Clouds
Oliver Schonschek, Security Now News AnalystCommentary
The European data infrastructure GAIA-X can help connect thedisparate needs of German firms and create market access for providers from the EU and beyond.
By Oliver Schonschek Security Now News Analyst, 1/16/2020
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GE Medical Instrumentation on the Critical List
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
DHS-CISA has issued a security advisory about GE Carescape medical instrumentation that enumerates many vulnerabilities present in them.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/24/2020
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Cisco: Privacy Efforts Pay Off Directly
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
Cisco's research has proven that beyond meeting compliance requirements, good privacy is good for business and individuals.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/31/2020
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All Your Intel L1 Cache Belongs to CacheOut
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
Once again, a novel 'speculative execution side-channel' attack has been discovered by researchers.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/30/2020
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Ransomware Costs More in Q4
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
In Q4 of 2019, the average ransom payment increased by 104% to $84,116, finds Coveware report.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/27/2020
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RDG Gets Fooled by UDP
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
Security researchers have found that the implementation in Remote Desktop Gateway of string segmentation lays it open to memory corruption vulnerabilities.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/28/2020
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EFS Ransomware Slips by AV Products
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
Inside of Windows is a methodology called Encrypting File System. It works on individual files or folders, rather than at the whole disk level like BitLocker does.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/23/2020
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FireEye Finds Mitigation of CVE-2019-19781 Comes With a Price
Larry Loeb, AuthorCommentary
One threat actor is taking advantage of the current problems with Citrix ADC/Netscaler for their own advantage.
By Larry Loeb Author, 1/20/2020
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