Zecurion Intros Zserver Suite 5.0

Zserver Suite 5.0 by Zecurion adds multithreaded encryption and application rights management

NEW YORK -- Zecurion, Inc. today announced the availability of Zserver Suite 5.0, new version of its popular software that protects corporate information on servers, hard drives, SAN-storage, magnetic tapes and CD/DVD from all threats that involve physical access to the media. Zserver Suite 5.0 allows multithreaded transparent encryption, adds flexible encryption key management functionality and application rights management on the encrypted disks.

Zserver Suite 5.0 has many important security advancements. Multithreaded encryption optimizes the use of multiprocessor and multi-core server resources. The new version also includes extended encryption key generation and management functionality, e.g., supports key generation using quantum RNG or sound card noise. But one of the most important advancements is application rights management on the encrypted disks. A customer database, for example, can be accessed only via its regular database application, but not via Windows Explorer or any other file management tool.

"New version of Zserver is a much better choice for those who need to comply with recent legal regulations that enforce protection of personal information - such as SB1386, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley," said Alexey Raevsky, CEO of Zecurion. "Application rights management on the disks, protected with Zserver Suite 5.0, allows to considerably decrease the risk of information theft when users are working with the databases; they will not be able to just copy the data files and walk away".

Zecurion Inc.

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