Xceedium GateKeeper Prevents Leapfrogging

Patent-pending LeapFrog Prevention technology bolsters solution that enforces security policy & validates compliance for technical users

JERSEY CITY, N.J. ­-- Xceedium, the premier provider of solutions that enforce security policy and validate compliance for technical users, today announced the availability of Xceedium GateKeeper 4.0, which delivers patent-pending LeapFrog Prevention technology, FIPS 140-2, Level 2 certification and other new feature enhancements. Many Fortune 200 organizations and top government agencies rely on the Xceedium GateKeeper appliance to manage, control, contain, track and report on technical users who need access to mission-critical resources and systems on the network to do their jobs.

"The highly-skilled nature of technical employees' job requirements and the command line tools they use can make it very difficult to track and contain unauthorized activity on the network," said Scott Crawford, a senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. "The LeapFrog Prevention technology featured in the Xceedium GateKeeper solution enables organizations to contain users to authorized areas on the server, and its reporting capabilities are well-aligned with requirements for enforcing security policies and ensuring regulatory compliance."

Xceedium Inc.

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