WiFi Wevenge

Turnabout is fair play with this WiFi bug that lets you fend off - or attack - an attacker

5:45 PM -- Picture a couple of WiFi hackers inadvertently "bumping" into one another at a coffee shop: The first is running the open-source Aircrack-ng toolset to surreptitiously collect packets from the wireless network, including those of the second hacker. Then, surprise: The victimized hacker fights back with a counterattack that takes advantage of a new bug found in the hacker tool.

A recently disclosed exploit uses a newly discovered buffer overflow bug in the Airodump-ng tool in the Aircrack toolset. It basically lets a victim fight back, either by stopping the hacker in his tracks, or launching an attack on him, complete with remote-code execution.

But fun as this sounds, your typical WiFi user won't get the satisfaction of sticking it to the attacker. It's really limited to the hacker set, of course. But we can always dream.

— Kelly Jackson Higgins, Senior Editor, Dark Reading

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