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Websense Redefines Mobile Security By Combining Industry-Leading Web And Data Security With Device Management

Websense TRITON Mobile Security combines four key elements
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SAN FRANCISCO – RSA CONFERENCE – BOOTH # 1332—February 29, 2012— More than half of the organizations recently surveyed report that unsecure mobile devices have caused data loss. Websense now makes it safe to go mobile by adding Websense' TRITON™ Mobile Security to the highly effective TRITON suite of offerings.

Websense TRITON Mobile Security combines four key elements. First, content aware data security features prevent confidential data loss on iPads, iPhones, Android, and other mobile devices. Second, it provides real-time web and application security, policy controls, and reporting for added visibility into the mobile risk profile. Third, it prevents malicious app downloads and blocks mobile malware. And finally, it includes mobile device management (MDM).

“Today’s mobile platforms put unprecedented power and information into the hands of end users. That opens a huge door for data theft and loss,” said John McCormack, president, Websense. “As mobile devices become more pervasive and more employees bring their own smartphones and tablets to work, IT is being challenged like never before. They need to immediately protect data, and they need to establish and enforce security practices and policies. The new capabilities of the Websense TRITON Mobile Security solution go way beyond simple mobile device management to keep confidential information safe. Simply put, IT needs a solution that addresses data security and not just the device.”

The new Websense TRITON Mobile Security solution controls mobile device security, risk, and compliance on mobile wireless networks and public Wi-Fi networks. Unlike MDM offerings, Websense integrates leading web, email, data, and mobile security with the award-winning and highly effective Websense TRITON platform.

With Websense TRITON Mobile Security, customers can confidentially enable the business while helping prevent data loss and IP theft, increasing productivity, reducing network exposure to vulnerabilities, and remaining compliant. It delivers mobile security via the cloud for remote workers anytime and anywhere. Reporting and controls, which are part of the unified TRITON management console, provide customers visibility into their mobile risk profile for devices, apps, data, and user activity. This visibility will include insight on which devices are connecting to the corporate network and to confidential information, what apps are on the devices, and what web activity and cloud applications may have put data at risk.