Websense Predicts Top 10 Threats for '08

Olympics, online advertisements, and Web 2.0 threats top hacker's to-do lists

CHERTSEY, U.K. -- Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ:WBSN) today issued its annual security predictions for 2008-with content-based threats topping the list.

Specifically, the WebsenseR Security Labs(tm) expects: the Olympics will spur a flurry of hacker activity such as compromises of popular Olympic news or other sports sites; hackers will leverage the increased

adoption of Macs and iPhones as new means for cross-platform Web attacks; special interest groups that fall within a certain age group, wealth bracket, or people with particular purchasing habits, will become

targets of Web 2.0 attacks; and spam will increase in the blogosphere and "talk back" sections of news sites to drive traffic and increase search engine rankings of infected Web sites.

"Looking at the current attack trends, cyber criminal techniques are evolving quickly and efficiently to not only evade detection, but to steal data and manipulate trusted content such as Web sites and applications," said Dan Hubbard, vice president of security research, Websense. "It's critical that organisations and individuals recognize that attackers are changing techniques and launching targeted attacks."

Websense Inc. (Nasdaq: WBSN)