Voltage Launches SecureFile

Voltage launches Voltage SecureFile: the 1st file encryption solution that 'just works'

PALO ALTO, Calif. –– It's one small step for Voltage Security Inc., and one giant leap for the encryption market. In a breakthrough development, Voltage has launched Voltage SecureFile™ – the first security software that protects information by encrypting any file format, wherever it goes and however it is transported. Powered by Voltage Identity-Based Encryption™ (Voltage IBE™), Voltage SecureFile is the easiest to use, fastest to deploy, simplest to administer encryption product available today.

“Until now, businesses have been caught in a complexity paradox,” said Wasim Ahmad, vice president of marketing at Voltage. “They need to protect customer confidentiality, secure their business assets, and mitigate the risk of information breaches and data loss. But traditional encryption products are too complex for everyday use. Voltage SecureFile changes the rules of the game, protecting files anywhere, anytime – regardless of their location.”

Voltage Security Inc.

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