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Voltage and Code Green have entered into a technology alliance to deliver an integrated content protection and encryption appliance

PALO ALTO, Calif -- Voltage Security, a global leader in enterprise privacy management and Code Green Networks, a leading developer of solutions for protecting customer data and intellectual property, today announced they have entered into a technology alliance to deliver an integrated content protection and encryption appliance to the SMB market.

The new product integrates the Code Green Networks Content Inspection Appliance with message encryption from the Voltage Security Network (VSN), a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, to provide a ³protect and secure² solution that is extremely easy to install, use and administer economically.

This joint, one-box solution addresses a previously unanswered need for policy-based data protection designed specifically for the SMB market. This solution introduces the first ³designed for SMB² anti-data-leakage appliance combined with easy-to-use, zero-management native encryption. Joint benefits of this solution for SMBs include: € Turnkey, low-cost, one-box system to automatically identify, protect and encrypt emails containing sensitive information € Key management and provisioning wholly serviced through VSN € Intuitive, easy to use email encryption eliminates roll-out and training costs

With this easy-to-use solution, organizations can protect and secure sensitive data by preventing unauthorized transmissions and automatically encrypting those that are authorized. This integrated solution is the first to tie an easy to install appliance with VSN, dramatically lowering costs for small businesses.

³We selected Voltage Security as our preferred secure email partner due to its reputation for ease of use, flexible integration options and rapid turnkey deployment through the Voltage Security Network,² said Sreekanth Ravi, founder, chairman and chief executive officer at Code Green Networks. ³Our content inspection and policy enforcement, coupled with direct support for Voltage¹s SaaS encryption, allows us to bring enterprise-grade capabilities to the SMB market. This reinforces our commitment to delivering the best anti-data-leakage technology in one affordable and easy-to-manage system.²

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