Voice Biometrics Secure Online Medical Records

Good Health Network provides instant and secure Web access to personal health records using Authentify out-of-band voice identification system

CHICAGO -- Authentify Inc., the leader in out-of-band authentication solutions, today announced that Good Health Network (GHN), a provider of premium electronic personal health records for municipalities and businesses, has selected Authentify to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Health Records made available online. The Authentify service will provide security and privacy protection for Electronic Personal Health Records (EPHR) using a real-time authentication method that combines an automated phone call with biometric voice print matching. Authentify enables GHN to offer instant access to EPHRs without the typical lag time encountered when sending credentials to users via traditional channels like postal mail.

Strong security is a requirement for meeting EPHR privacy mandates like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act), but also for fraud prevention. Medical record and insurance information is potentially more valuable than the average consumer's financial information in the hands of criminals. For example, the limit on heath insurance reimbursements is an order of magnitude larger than those of most credit cards.

GHN provides EPHRs to municipalities and businesses, which in turn provide the service as an additional health benefit to their employees. "Anyone who has ever struggled to provide an x-ray or lab test result to a secondary physician can appreciate the value of online medical records," said Jim Kragh, founder and CEO of Good Health Network. "At the same time, individuals want to be sure their information is secure. GHN's approach to security has been cited as the strongest by several leading organizations that are driving the adoption of Electronic Personal Health Records as a valuable benefit to employees."

Authentify Inc.

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