VMware Expands NSX Platform Security

VMware is working to add network encryption as a distributed service via its network virtualization platform.

Security has been messy and complicated, where the investment in numerous security products bolted onto servers and network infrastructure isn't paying off in increased protection, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said in his keynote at this week's VMworld.

Gelsinger and other VMware executives pushed virtualization and its NSX platform as a way to tackle the security problem.

"Virtualization provides the fundamental requirement allowing us to architect for security," by allowing precise and dynamic binding of security services to applications, data and users, he said. "Now we can truly architect in security....Architected-in security allows us to be twice as secure at half the price."

VMware has said that security has been a top use case for its NSX network virtualization platform with its micro-segmentation capabilities. This week, the company provided a view into additional security services its engineers are developing in NSX, specifically network encryption.

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