Visual Defence Upgrades 3C

Visual Defence announced the second generation of its Command and Control Center (3C)

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario -- Visual Defence Inc. (LSE:VDI), the security convergence company, today announced the second generation of its Command and Control Center (3C), its common management software platform for comprehensive security management. 3C 2.0 provides an enhanced ability to mitigate and control risk by providing clients a customized platform to converge multiple security systems including CCTV, intercom, access control, perimeter detection, fire alarm, building management and traffic management.

As a fully scalable, flexible and vendor-agnostic platform, 3C 2.0 seamlessly integrates traditional analog components with newer digital technologies and works with cameras, digital video recorders and other subsystems from nearly any vendor. The system provides operators all relevant risk information within a central system, creating fast, intelligent event response by reducing the risk and time associated with gathering and interpreting data from individual systems. Incorporating pre-defined "best-practice" procedures, 3C 2.0 removes manual decision-making requirements from the operators thereby reducing the risk associated with human error.

Offering increased reliability, functionality and robustness over the previous generation, the current version is designed for large-scale installations and can handle up to 2,000 events/alarms per minute and over 100,000 events/alarms per day. 3C 2.0 also offers full redundancy capabilities with seamless failover so that, in the event of a server error, security is not compromised and operators are not interrupted.

"Clients configure the system according to highly confidential internal policies and procedures," said Michael Godfrey, chief technology officer of Visual Defence. "The unique Process Flow tool included in 3C 2.0 allows clients to easily integrate these policies and procedures into the system themselves through the creation of flowcharts based on event conditions. The client-defined flowcharts are translated into step-by-step instructions for operators and can include both automatic and manually-generated activities."

3C 2.0 unites mapping, video, and alarm management functionality and relays the information on an easy-to-use triple screen display that includes a video and asset management screen, alarm management and response screen, and multi-level mapping screen. The mapping functionality has been extended to integrate the geographical location of assets like cameras, intercoms, help phones and fire alarms allowing security guards and law enforcement officials to more rapidly respond. The mapping features also allow for horizontal and vertical panning, and support standard and vector maps enabling users to zoom and drill-down to view the location in a specific area of a building.

"Security events in recent years have highlighted the growing risks facing organizations and the increasing need to protect people and infrastructure," said Dagan Sadeh, CEO of Visual Defence. ³Increased flexibility and functionality are important facets of any advanced security system today.

The 3C 2.0 records all events, alarms and operator actions, allowing clients to generate reports that can be used to analyze their entire security system, assist in optimizing response times and refine policies to continually improve public safety and security. These comprehensive records also provide a defensible audit trail ensuring compliance with process controls such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

3C 2.0 is highly customizable and therefore has applications in many market segments including transportation, government, education, healthcare and industry.

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