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VeriSign Unveils eHoliday Uptime Bundle In Time For Cyber Shopping Season

Trio of cloud-based services combine to reduce website and network service downtime
DULLES, VA -- (Marketwire) -- October 18, 2010 -- VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, today launched the eHoliday Uptime bundle, a trio of cloud-based services that combine to reduce website and network service downtime. VeriSign is offering the new suite as online retailers look to fortify their web operations in advance of the all-important holiday shopping season, when ensuring website availability has a significant impact on retailers' bottom lines.

According to the National Retail Federation, for some retailers, the holiday season generates up to 40 percent of annual sales. With the VeriSign eHoliday Uptime bundle, online retailers can improve the availability of their storefronts and web services under peak traffic conditions and in the face of threats from hackers and malware. Last year, a single Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack brought down several major Internet retailers two days before Christmas.

"Being forced offline in the throes of the holiday season is a nightmare scenario for any business, but for the Internet's top retailers, the losses can amount to millions of dollars in a matter of minutes," said Ted Julian, principal analyst at Yankee Group. "Ensuring availability should be a primary objective for retailers and online businesses at all times, especially during the holiday season. Solutions like the VeriSign eHoliday Uptime bundle, by emphasizing performance and availability, threat protection and DDoS mitigation, go to the very heart of what retailers need now."

The VeriSign eHoliday Uptime bundle combines three industry-leading offerings to protect critical components of Internet infrastructure:

* DNS Availability: VeriSign Managed DNS helps to ensure the availability of websites, email and web systems, while relieving the cost and burden of maintaining DNS infrastructure * Network Availability: VeriSign Internet Defense Network supports companies in their efforts to maintain 100 percent uptime for web services by protecting against network DDoS attacks * Application Availability: VeriSign iDefense Security Intelligence helps mitigate Internet threats from application vulnerabilities and malcode with real-time threat intelligence

Businesses protected by the VeriSign suite rely on the capacity and expertise that comes from operating a global, high-availability network with operational accuracy and stability 100 percent of the time for more than 12 years. Designed to operate with any network infrastructure -- even one hosted by other providers -- the VeriSign eHoliday Uptime bundle also enables retailers to run secondary DNS hosting through VeriSign to gain incremental infrastructure without additional IT investments or changes in site hosting and management.

"The DNS failures and DDoS outages experienced by many companies last year emphasizes the high cost of downtime during the holidays," said Ben Petro, senior vice president of VeriSign's Network Intelligence and Availability business. "We want every company that depends on their website for sales to have access to best-of-breed offerings that defend against the primary threats to availability. It's in the best interest of consumers, online retailers and the Internet community as a whole to provide a safe, fast and reliable online shopping experience this holiday season."

VeriSign is offering the eHoliday Uptime bundle to online retailers with the protection they need just when they need it most. Under a special holiday promotion, customers who sign up before December 31, 2010 can cancel the services during the first 90 days with no further commitment. If customers do not cancel the services during the first 90 days, customers can continue to use the eHoliday Uptime bundle for an additional 12 months at the same rates. For customers already outsourcing elements of their network infrastructure, such as DNS hosting, VeriSign can provide flexible purchase options to address legacy service contracts.

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