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Verify Receives A Third Patent For An 'Authentication And Tracking System'

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MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Verify Brand is pleased to announce that it has received a third United States patent (No. US 7,996,319, dated August 9th, 2011) for an "Authentication and Tracking System."

"We continue to be very pleased with the success of our intellectual property protection strategy," said Kevin Erdman, President of Verify Brand. "We foresee continuing positive developments from this key initiative."

Verify Brand is a widely known and respected innovation leader in the fast growing field of product and supply chain security systems. Manufacturers and governments around the world are significantly expanding their efforts to better secure and improve the management of all parts of their supply chain by increasingly incorporating digital authentication, track and trace technology into their supplier relationships, production, distribution and other operations, sales channels and end-user interaction.

Verify Brand continues to deploy its Software-as-a-Service systems of central and secure data management and software hosting, turnkey secure product identification solutions, Web, client and mobile software applications and support services in many varied industries and for a wide range of major customer requirements. "Clearly the value proposition for this platform is expanding to include security upstream from production, close integration to ERP and WMS systems, improved sales channel management and end-customer relationship management. This platform provides significant return on investment through enhanced product visibility, significant new and real time data and the ability to address serious security issues much more quickly and effectively," said Kevin Erdman, President of Verify Brand.

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Verify Brand specializes in providing manufacturers and governments with comprehensive, highly configurable and turnkey systems for component, end-product, asset and security document serialization, secure data management and software hosting, authentication, track and trace, logistics and brand promotion. The VB Enterprise 4.0 Web, client and mobile-based software suite is enabling these services for multiple customers, globally and in multiple languages.

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