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Vaultive Introduces Enterprise-Class Cloud Data Encryption Solution For Hosted Exchange

Vaultive for Hosted Exchange enables customers to encrypt data-at-rest and data-in-use within the Hosted Microsoft Exchange environment
New York, NY – May 14, 2012 — Vaultive, a provider of cloud data encryption solutions that enable organizations to leverage the economy and efficiency of cloud computing while maintaining data security, control and compliance advantages of on-premise computing, today announced general availability of Vaultive for Hosted Exchange. Vaultive for Hosted Exchange is an enterprise-class cloud data encryption solution that enables customers to encrypt data-at-rest and data-in-use within the Hosted Microsoft® Exchange environment, while enterprise IT retains complete control of the encryption keys.

“Moving a vital application such as email to a cloud environment has the potential to save an enterprise a significant amount of time, resources and money, but security, data residency, privacy and regulatory compliance concerns are often barriers,” said Steve Coplan, research manager for 451 Research's Enterprise Security Practice. “In order to take advantage of the operational benefits of a cloud-based service without ceding the ability to manage access to data and emails residing on third-party infrastructure, a best practice is to require some mechanism to internally retain controls. Vaultive's approach allows organizations to encrypt data-at-rest in the cloud, while holding the keys to decrypt the data."

Vaultive is the only solution developed specifically for Hosted Exchange environments, including Microsoft® Office 365, that encrypts data-at-rest and data-in-use. Vaultive uses a patent-pending form of 256-bit AES encryption that preserves certain characteristics of the data so it can be searched, sorted, indexed, and otherwise processed in the cloud without ever being decrypted.

Vaultive’s application of industry-standard AES protects enterprise data from unauthorized access by a third party or the cloud provider, while enabling disclosure requests to be managed independently by the enterprise -- without placing the cloud provider in the position of disclosing customer data. “We were not willing to put our data or our clients’ data in the cloud without Vaultive,” said Chris Brody, senior managing director and president of Stillwater, LLC. “Microsoft and other cloud providers may be required to turn our data over to the government if subpoenaed, including data subject to attorney-client privilege. By using Vaultive for Hosted Exchange, when the government wants our data, they need to come to us, not the cloud provider.”

Additionally, because sensitive data never resides in the cloud in an unencrypted form, security risks and concerns about data residency are eliminated, while compliance with regulatory requirements such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and PCI-DSS is achieved.

Vaultive for Hosted Exchange encrypts data as it travels over the network, and may be hosted on-premise. The entire process is completely transparent to the end-user. There is no software application or agent required to be installed on the user device, and tasks are completed without compromising functionality, performance, or changing the end-user experience in any manner. Furthermore, Vaultive for Hosted Exchange does not interfere with standard email security features such as malware and antivirus protection.

“CloudStrategies’ mission is to work with businesses to realize the benefits of the cloud and, in particular, Microsoft’s Online Services,” said Pete Zarras, CEO of CloudStrategies, a top-ranking member of Microsoft's exclusive Cloud Champions Club and a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner. “Many of our prospective clients have been hesitant to move email to the cloud based on security concerns; Vaultive removes these concerns.” Zarras expanded, “Our employees are always on the go and email is critical for effective communication. We knew if Vaultive could handle our tough demands that we could confidently sell and deliver Vaultive solutions to our customers.”

Vaultive for Hosted Exchange is available now worldwide, and works with any Exchange hosted service. For additional details and pricing, please contact [email protected]

About Vaultive

Vaultive is a provider of cloud data encryption solutions that empower organizations to realize the cost savings, enhanced productivity and operational efficiencies of cloud computing while maintaining the data security, control and compliance advantages of on-premise computing. Vaultive enables this through the deployment of patent-pending data-in-use encryption technology that eliminates the data security, privacy, residency and regulatory compliance concerns associated with cloud deployment. As the only cloud data encryption solution engineered exclusively for Hosted Exchange, including Microsoft® Office 365 and offering support for other leading SaaS applications, Vaultive enables organizations to take advantage of cloud computing without compromise. Vaultive recently raised more than $10 million from leading venture capital firms .406 Ventures, New Science Partners, Harmony Partners, Security Growth Partners and Stillwater, LLC.

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