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US Charges 3 Romanians With Cyber Fraud Involving $4 Million

Defendants extradited to US for alleged conspiracy that infected 60,000 computers and sent 11 million malicious emails.

Three Romanian nationals have been charged in a US court for a massive cyber fraud which targeted 60,000 computers causing the victims financial loss of $4 million, says the US Department of Justice (DoJ). Bogdan Nicolescu, Tiberiu Danet and Radu Miclaus were arrested in their country earlier this year and extradited to the US last week.

According to the DoJ, the defendants ran a criminal operation from Bucharest in which they developed proprietary malware and infected computers with it through malicious emails. The affected machines were then used to target others on their contact list and steal credit card details and personal information of the victims.

The men allegedly carried out a number of illegal activities through the infected computers including cryptocurrency mining, forced registrations of 100,000 email accounts with AOL, sending over 11 million malicious emails, stealing account credentials of visitors to Facebook, PayPal, eBay, and cheating buyers on eBay and laundering money.

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