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Unisys Poll: Security Concerns Leading Cause Of Hesitancy In Adopting Cloud Computing

Uncertainty over adequate security and data privacy outweighs other barriers by a wide margin
BLUE BELL, Pa., September 15, 2009 " According to an online poll recently conducted by Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS), security and data privacy concerns remain the most significant impediment to the adoption of cloud computing among enterprise users.

Of the 312 respondents, 51 percent cited security and data privacy concerns when answering the question, "What do you see as your greatest barrier to moving to cloud?" The next-highest barrier to adoption of cloud computing, cited by 21 percent of the respondents, was integration of cloud-based applications with existing systems.

Concerns about the ability to bring systems back in-house and regulatory/compliance issues were cited by 18 percent and 10 percent of respondents, respectively.

The poll results corroborated the outcome of another quick poll Unisys conducted in a June 2009 webinar on protecting data in the cloud, which was attended by more than 100 major firms and government agencies. Answering the question, "What is your greatest concern about moving workloads to the cloud?" 72 percent of the respondents to that poll cited security concerns. Other considerations ranked significantly lower on the scale of urgency " for example, integration issues were next highest at 34 percent.

"These poll results confirm what we continue to hear from our clients as well as industry analysts," said Sam Gross, vice president, Global IT Outsourcing Solutions. "Until they are convinced that there is 'industrial-strength' security in the cloud, CIOs will remain reluctant to move more than development and test systems into that environment. This is why we have made comprehensive security and data protection integral parts of the Unisys cloud computing strategy and solutions."

Unisys recently announced cloud computing strategy and solutions portfolio are designed to help clients break through the barriers to adoption of cloud computing while safeguarding operations and lowering IT costs. The Unisys cloud computing strategy enables clients to choose the type of data center computing services that best meet their business objectives, from self-managed, automated IT infrastructures to Unisys-managed cloud services.

Underpinning this strategy is Unisys Stealth Solution, an innovative, patent-pending data protection technology which was initially designed for military and government applications and is now available to commercial clients.

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