Trend Micro to Entrust Security to the Cloud

Trend Micro will start relying more on analyzing malware in the cloud rather than on the desktop, resulting it quicker identification of new threats.Trend Micro's current defensive solutions rely on matching malware solutions to downloaded pattern files or signatures. According to company CEO Eve Chen, this approach is growing less effective because of all the new viruses and other malware created each year. A better idea, says Chen, is "moving the pattern files into the cloud." A smart agent on the desktop or server would read a suspect file and compare it to information in the cloud to determine its security. Chen says such a lookup would be faster than the 1-2 seconds that inspection can take on the desktop, and new signatures can be propagated in the cloud faster than they can be updated on all desktops.

Trend Micro plans to incorporate the cloud service into two new enterprise security suites, and may eventually include it in its SMB offerings as well.NetworkWorld, CNET News