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Trend Micro Adds Social Networking Protection For Consumers

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 comprises five products
CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704;TSE:4704), a global leader in cloud security and the fight against cybercrime, today released Trend Micro(TM) Titanium(TM) Internet Security 2013, a new family of security software that promises to consumers "Protection Made Easy" combining state-of-the-art protection from cyber threats for your device, your important files and data, your privacy and your family.


The new five-product family includes Titanium(TM) Antivirus+, Titanium(TM) Internet Security, Titanium(TM) Maximum Security, Titanium(TM) Premium Security and Titanium(TM) Internet Security for Mac.

Social Networking Security

"Consumers spend most of their time doing one of three things on the Internet - checking email, surfing the Web and using social networks to keep up with family and friends," said Carol Carpenter, general manager and senior vice president of Trend Micro. "It is time that security companies start keeping up with consumers, protecting them where they are at risk. I'm proud that Trend Micro is the first to offer powerful and easy to use social networking security to our customers."

Technology enables people to keep up with friends, family and colleagues around the world via social networks. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to social networking. Billions of people are socializing on websites, creating a large pool of potential victims that attract cybercriminals. Click-jacking, fake applications and social engineering are just some of the tactics used in order to deliver malware. In Trend Micro's Annual Consumer Security survey conducted of a 1,000 computer users, 20 percent of consumers reported that while on a social networking site, they clicked a link that posted things to their wall that they didn't want shared, and 18 percent reported clicking on a link that resulted in computer problems.

Titanium Internet Security is the answer to social networking safety. By identifying potentially malicious links, all products within the Titanium family protect users while on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and Pinterest. How does Titanium do this? When Titanium identifies a bad link, it will let the consumer share this information with friends, so users can help keep friends safe online too.

The security survey also found that while 65 percent of respondents were concerned about someone accessing their personal information on social networking sites without their knowledge, 35 percent infrequently or never check their privacy setting, and nearly half don't change their privacy settings more frequently than every six months. It was also found that most respondents (more than 60 percent) share information on social networking sites that could lead to security breaches, like their birth date, hometown, pet names and more.

Titanium's new Facebook Privacy Scanner for Windows provides an extra layer of protection for personal information that is the only one of its kind in the industry. With a single click, users can easily monitor their Facebook page settings and control access to personal and private information. Titanium Internet Security products identify which settings may lead to privacy concerns, making it easy for consumers to be in the driver's seat and stay on top of settings as they change.

Windows 8 Optimization

In preparation for the Microsoft® Windows® 8 launch, Trend Micro Titanium will ship Windows 8 Compatible. Whether or not they are using the new Windows 8 operating system, or an older version of Windows, users will enjoy the same vigilant protection and easy-to-use Trend Micro Titanium solutions.

Trend Micro Redefines Entry-level Security

In this current release, Trend Micro has also redefined entry-level security, by offering more than just the standard antivirus and spyware protection. Trend Micro's new entry-level solution, Titanium Antivirus + goes further to protect consumers where they really need to be protected. With Titanium Antivirus + consumers will enjoy protection on WiFi hotspots, antispam blocking, and search engine result ratings that will help them to decide if a website is safe to visit. Most importantly, Titanium Antivirus+ offers protection to all users using social networks with its groundbreaking Facebook Privacy Scanner and Social Networking Security that identify settings that may leave personal information vulnerable, allowing users to easily make changes to keep private information private.

Beyond Entry-level - Titanium Internet Security, Maximum and Premium

While baseline protection has been enhanced, Trend Micro recognizes that many customers have additional needs, especially when it comes to protecting the entire family on multiple devices. For those users, Trend Micro has taken the extra step, offering improved security options that meet the needs of the entire family.

It's no surprise that parents are concerned about their children's online welfare and safety. In a recent survey conducted by Trend Micro, 71 percent of respondents were very concerned about the things children are exposed to online. To help ease the concerns of parents and keep children safe online, Trend Micro created Titanium Internet Security. Titanium Internet Security enables parents to help make smart choices for their children, balancing the freedom to explore the Internet, while providing the ability to control and monitor kids' online access and content With a three-PC license, parents can use Titanium Internet Security to protect multiple devices in their home. In addition, Titanium Internet Security offers data theft prevention that protects private information such as credit card numbers, email address and passwords, while also optimizing PC performance and safeguarding users' privacy.

For those consumers on multiple devices that want to not only protect their important data, but want to strengthen their passwords, secure their photos and memories, and stay safe while on social networking sites - Titanium Maximum Security is a perfect all-in-one security solution. With Titanium Maximum Security, consumers can utilize Trend Micro(TM) Online Guardian, a parental control software that provides Internet monitoring for social networking and content, Trend Micro(TM) DirectPass(TM), a password manager and Trend Micro(TM) SafeSync(TM), a secure online storage vault that will keep up to 5GB of important documents, pictures and videos backed up in the cloud. Titanium Maximum Security customers receive three licenses that can be used on multiple devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Titanium Maximum Security users will also enjoy access to the Trend Micro Vault which keeps important documents secure, and allows users to remotely lock it if the computer is lost or stolen. For those with more devices and data, Trend Micro offers Titanium Premium Security that allows for two additional licenses for a total of five, and 25 GB of SafeSync secure online storage.

#1 in Mac security

As evidenced in recent years, Mac platforms are emerging as a target for an increasing number of malware and cybercriminal attacks. As a result of decades of success in protecting users from online threats and a proven track record of enabling users a worry free option to secure themselves and their digital lives, Trend Micro has applied this expertise to the Mac operating system, and is the market leader with over 97% retail market share in the USA. With this year's release within the Titanium family, SmartSurfing has evolved into Titanium Internet Security for Mac. Internet Security for Mac provides Mac users with comprehensive security, including protection against spam, viruses, malware, parental controls and protection on social networking sites. Trend Micro is committed to protecting all customers on all platforms and extending its reputation as #1 in Mac security.

Pricing and Availability

Trend Micro's range of Titanium products are available in the United States on September 10, 2012. Titanium Antivirus + starts at $39.95 for 1 PC, Titanium Internet Security for Mac is $49.95 for 1 Mac, Internet Security is $79.95 for 3 PCs, Maximum Security is $89.95 for 3 devices and Premium Security is $99.95 for