Top 10 Security Mistakes SMBs Make

SMBs need to work on fundamental security errors to reduce risk of costly incidents
10. Assuming They Can Outsource Security Responsibility
Often times SMBs rely on outsourced IT providers to take care of all of their technical concerns. But Landoll says that smaller businesses need to understand that while you can outsource the IT duties around securing data, they can't abrogate the responsibility of protecting that data.

"You're still responsible when things go wrong," he says. "It is an important thing for small companies to think about because many of them have been using a small-town IT provider that may not have knowledge in their industry or of the regulations those businesses are under. You've got to find someone who is right for your business. Start asking more questions of them. If you ask them how they would secure a firewall that is PCI-compliant and they don't have a quick answer, it is time to make more calls. There still are people in your area who have that expertise -- you just have to look for them and reward that knowledge with your business."

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