TNT Protects Georgia

Trusted Network Technologies is safeguarding Georgia's and New Mexico's voter registration systems

ATLANTA -- Trusted Network Technologies, Inc. (TNT), the identity-based network access company, is safeguarding Georgia’s and New Mexico’s voter registration systems from external hackers and unauthorized state and county electoral staff as part of the states’ compliance with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002 .

TNT’s low-cost Identity™ software and appliance solution controls and audits all access to the states’ voter registration systems, ensuring that only authorized election officials using government-owned computers can see and gain access to the network. Voter databases remain “invisible” to everyone else.

“Protecting the voting process from potential threats – people acting either maliciously or carelessly – is the top priority to ensure the integrity of our elections,” said Wes Peters, IT elections project coordinator for Georgia. “The fact is, people can’t hack, or even access, what they can’t see.”

Trusted Network Technologies Inc.