The Employee Password Habits That Could Hurt Enterprises

While education and efforts around online credentials are improving, password hygiene still has problems
The Yin and Yang of Work-Life Balance
Continuous BYOD
The Good News
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Password Hygiene: Not So Clean
Password Retread
Don't Blame Me!
How Much Is Your Email Password Worth?
How Much Is Smartphone Access Worth?

The lines drawn between personal digital space and work digital space are all but disintegrated as the traditional 40-hour work week in a confined office dissolves away in this gig economy. This makes life difficult when it comes to accessing and securing data. A survey out recently by Ping Identity shows how even though companies my have good credential policies in place, and employees are made aware of security, their password safety still lags. Here's a look at some of the relevant stats. 

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