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Symplified Secures SaaS On Mobiles

Symplified Mobile Edition uses an identity-based approach to protect SaaS apps, Web apps and data accessed from smartphones and tablets
  • , May 4 , 2011 - Symplified' , the Cloud security company, today announced Symplified Mobile Edition, which secures cloud and web apps on any mobile device so that enterprises can safely make corporate data accessible on tablets and smartphones
  • Symplified Mobile Edition extends comprehensive identity and access management capabilities previously only available on network-based computers to mobile platforms without installing any software on endpoint devices
  • For the first time, businesses of all sizes can provide employees with single sign-on (SSO) and enforce access policies on cloud and on-premises apps regardless of the user's access device
  • Merit Medical Systems, a global medical device manufacturer, has invested heavily in SaaS (Software as a Service) applications to improve collaboration between its mobile sales force, employees, and distributors

  • The company is using an integrated combination of Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Video, eLeaP learning management, a 3DCart store, and various intranet applications, with authentication provided through Microsoft Active Directory
  • "We wanted to combine the flexibility of mobile computing with the fast implementation timelines of SaaS to empower our business users, but access control was a major obstacle," said Lincoln Cannon, director of sales and marketing technology at Merit Medical

  • "Symplified enabled us to enforce central access control policies on our SaaS applications, and to provide users with a single login portal that accepts Active Directory credentials in the browser of their mobile devices
  • This single sign-on leads to a launch pad that lists all the apps they're authorized to use
  • It's an elegant, yet simple solution to a complex IT problem, and because Symplified delivered the service from the Cloud without software to install on our end, roll out was a snap
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    No Software, Zero Touch Roll-out

    To provide universal coverage for all mobile platforms, Symplified Mobile Edition uses an identity-based approach to protect apps and data that does not require the installation and maintenance of software on the tablet or smartphone

  • This makes it possible to secure any mobile platform and operating system, which is especially helpful in cases where the device belongs to the employee
  • Since users need only enter a single URL (mobile
  • yourcompany
  • com) on their device to securely access the apps they need, Symplified can be rapidly deployed and used by IT departments and business users
  • Symplified Mobile Edition, which is simple enough for workgroups of 50 to use, yet robust enough to meet the demands of Fortune 500 companies, extends all the capabilities of the Symplified Suite - Web access management, federated SSO, auditing and user provisioning - to mobile devices and apps

  • SSO to Go

    To enable users to collaborate from anywhere on the device of their choice, Symplified Mobile Edition provides SSO to both on-premises and cloud applications directly from any smartphone or tablet

  • With one username and password, Symplified makes it fast and easy for users to instantly access all the apps and data they are authorized to use
  • Symplified Mobile Edition accepts corporate identities like those contained in Active Directory and consumer identities provided by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other OpenID providers to unify SSO for professional and social network apps
  • "Today's knowledge workers have embraced mobile computing and the cloud, and are demanding access to these tools to work more efficiently and for competitive advantage in the field," said Eric Olden, Founder and CEO of Symplified

  • "Symplified Mobile Edition provides the convenience of one login to all the resources business users need regardless of their mobile platform, while giving organizations control over who can access company data via these devices
  • This identity-centric management model is more scalable than device-centric approaches and creates a consistent user experience across both desktop and mobile devices
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    One App Portal for Any Device

    For organizations that want to create a central portal to deliver the right apps to the right users on any computing device, Symplified Mobile Edition provides a ready-made solution

  • Delivered as a subscription cloud service, it does not require software, hardware or headcount investments and delivers the following benefits:

  • Allows users to create an icon on the device's home screen that presents them with a SSO login portal

  • Eliminates the need for users to navigate to each individual website, and remember multiple passwords, to access applications

  • Provides fast deployment with more than 200 pre-integrated apps from Symplified's Trust Fabric App Store

  • Supports all leading smartphone operating systems including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, works with all major tablets including iPad, Motorola Xoom, and Samsung Galaxy, and integrates with VPNs from Juniper, Cisco, and others
  • Integrates with Active Directory for authentication, access control and de-provisioning

  • Deploys in days with ROI often in less than one month

    Availability and Pricing

    Symplified Mobile Edition is available immediately from Symplified and its business partners worldwide

  • Pricing starts at $500/month for workgroups of up to 50 users and includes access to five SaaS apps
  • Enterprise pricing is also available
  • About Symplified | The Cloud Security Company

    Symplified provides the trust fabric of the Cloud by enabling companies to extend and enforce identity and access management policies on cloud applications

  • The Company is the market share leader in cloud identity with more than 1 million seats of the Symplified Suite currently deployed by Fortune 500 and small medium businesses
  • The Symplified Suite is the only complete cloud security platform that unifies Web access management, federated SSO, auditing and user provisioning
  • Meanwhile, the Symplified Trust CloudT is the only identity and access management solution woven into the fabric of the Amazon Web Services platform and capable of delivering cloud security services on a massively scalable and global basis
  • It is deployed in 40 data centers worldwide
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