Study: Poor ID, Access Management in UK

New independent survey by Siemens Insight Consulting uncovers security policy lapses in UK business

LONDON -- Insight Consulting, the independent security, compliance and continuity consultancy of Siemens Enterprise Communications, today announced the findings and availability of new research on the attitudes of UK businesses to Identity and Access Management. The new report released today reveals grave concerns over potential security and identity management lapses in business.

Insight conducted the survey to measure the uptake of new Identity and Access Management (IDAM) technologies and assess whether Identity Management systems are the future hubs of security technology. It is apparent from the research that security precautions beyond the prevalent use of password authentication is still extremely lax, a situation exacerbated by limited up-take of single sign on, which can help eliminate the need for multiple and insecure passwords.

"The lack of single "sign-on" awareness together with reliance on passwords was just the first of a series of major concerns highlighted by the research," said Colin Robbins, Principal Consultant, Insight Consulting.

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