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Startup Offers Low-Cost USB Security Device

Lock the Bad Guys out of your USB Ports with MyUSBOnly

HONG KONG -- A.C. Element Company has released MyUSBOnly v. 3.2, a Windows security application that prevents data theft through your computer's USB ports. While USB ports have made computing much more convenient, these ports have also introduced a security threat that could subject many computer users to identity theft and data theft. It is easy for people to plug a flash drive into your computer, and quickly download your personal data. MyUSBOnly thwarts their attempts to gain access to your computer via your USB ports.

Setting up MyUSBOnly is easy. Simply create a whitelist of all of the USB devices that you want to allow on your computer. The program will recognize each of your thumb drives, external disk drives, MP3 players, and other USB devices, and add them to its list of accepted hardware. Once your list is complete, MyUSBOnly will guard your computer against new USB devices that have the potential of allowing people to hijack your valuable data.

MyUSBOnly will prevent untrusted USB devices from working. In addition, the program can send you an email notification each time somebody attaches a USB device to your desktop or laptop. MyUSBOnly also maintains a security log of all attempts to gain access to your computer via USB pen drives, iPods, card-readers, or any USB hardware. The software can run silently on your computer, without displaying a tray icon that will alert people that they're being monitored.

Protecting your USB ports is as important as installing a firewall and maintaining anti-virus software. MyUSBOnly makes it easy to protect this critical part of your desktop or laptop.

A.C. Element Company