SSH Upgrades Secure File Transfer

SSH Communications Security announces next major release of SSH Tectia and SSH Tectia ConnectSecure

HELSINKI and WELLESLEY, Mass. -- SSH Communications Security Corp. (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol, today announced the next major release of its enterprise security solution, SSH Tectia 6.0. This version features SSH Tectia ConnectSecure, a major new family member that significantly expands the range of system platforms that can easily leverage the secure file transfer and secure data-in-transit benefits of the SSH Tectia architecture.

“Some of the world’s largest enterprises have worked with us to develop SSH Tectia 6.0. As a result, securing file transfers and data-in-transit is easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever before to help companies meet their Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance deadlines,” said Arto Vainio, CEO of SSH Communications Security Corp. “In addition, our new product, SSH Tectia ConnectSecure, brings some of these benefits to users of third-party Secure Shell products for the first time.”

SSH Tectia ConnectSecure will help organizations of any size secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) file transfers and data-in-transit quickly and easily, without requiring modifications to applications, scripts or infrastructure. The product introduces new revolutionary features, including automatic FTP-SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) Conversion, Transparent FTP Tunneling and Transparent TCP Tunneling, enabling IT departments to replace unsecure protocols with secure-proven protocols in hours or days, rather than weeks. SSH Tectia ConnectSecure is available on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms, and will work with SSH Tectia Servers, as well as with other Secure Shell server products, including OpenSSH and commercially supported versions.

The new release also features SSH Tectia Client for Windows 6.0, a significantly enhanced Windows client that now supports Transparent TCP Tunneling and Automatic Tunneling, in addition to the traditional Secure Shell port forwarding. This makes the product the ideal choice for securing virtually any TCP/IP application without any modifications or changes. SSH Tectia Client for Windows is now the most versatile and capable Secure Shell Client available on the market.

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