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Splunk, creators of the original IT Search engine for logs and IT data, announced Splunk 3.0

LAS VEGAS -- Splunk, creators of the original IT Search engine for logs and IT data, today announced Splunk 3.0. The newest version of Splunk adds interactive reporting, dashboards, a more powerful search language, scripted inputs, new levels of scale and performance with native 64-bit multi-processor support and a centralized deployment server. The Splunk 3.0 beta can be downloaded for free today at

New Splunk 3.0 features include:

  • Interactive reporting: Analyze any logs and IT data in real time with dynamic field extraction eliminating the need for complex data mapping and set-up. Move seamlessly between unstructured search and structured reporting
  • Dashboards and personalization: Any report, chart, search or alert can be placed onto a personalized dashboard. Dashboards can be shared or private to a single user
  • Expanded search language: Powerful new statistical, arithmetic and reporting operators
  • Scripted inputs: Index the output of any shell script or command line actions, greatly expanding data inputs to any data source
  • 64-bit multi-processor support: Improved indexing and search throughput on 64-bit and multi-processor platforms
  • Deployment server: Centralized management and control of distributed Splunk deployments across large numbers of applications, servers and devices

    “IT Search has many applications within the chaotic modern data center, so listening to our customers is essential to hone any new innovation or technology," said Michael Baum CEO and co-founder of Splunk. “Our large and growing community has helped us dramatically expand our vision for IT Search, and focus on adding the capabilities critical to new uses and larger deployments."

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