SPI Dynamics to Give Presentations

SPI Dynamics to give Web app security presentations at HP conferences

ATLANTA -- S.P.I. Dynamics, Inc., the leading provider of web application security testing and assessment software, today announced that its company executives will lead several presentations focused on improving web application security in quality assurance at the upcoming HP Software Universe 2007, HP Technology Forum & Expo 2007 and Better Software conferences. During the week of June 18 in Las Vegas, SPI Dynamics will host discussions on the latest web application threats and trends, including Web 2.0, service-oriented architecture (SOA), client side vulnerabilities and fuzzing.

At the HP Software Universe show, Ryan English, SPI Dynamics’ Senior Product Manager, will lead a session, “Is Web 2.0 and SOA a hacker’s dream? Testing for security risks in a Web 2.0, SOA World.” This presentation will focus on why the increased use of Web 2.0 technologies and SOAs among businesses has brought forth a multitude of new attack vectors. To help the audience understand how to counter this changing security landscape, Ryan will provide a comprehensive overview on how to avoid the risks that come with these technologies and discuss the techniques necessary for testing Web service applications. Ryan will also provide real-world examples of how these technologies can be exploited for financial gain, while emphasizing the importance of secure coding.

At the HP Technology Forum & Expo, Michael Sutton, SPI’s Security Evangelist, will present three sessions. In his first session, “Client Side Attacks Come of Age,” Michael will give attendees real-world examples of client side vulnerabilities that have been leveraged for criminal gain. The audience will hear typical attack scenarios to gain a better understanding of how these attacks succeed, what can be done to stop them and how they will evolve in the future.

S.P.I. Dynamics Inc.