Sophos Enhances Web Security Product

Sophos strengthens next-generation Web security with WS1000

BOSTON –- IT security and control firm Sophos today announced the latest version of its WS1000 web appliance, which brings together enterprise-grade policy and URL filtering with trusted real-time security filtering–all managed on one easy-to-use platform. The new Sophos solution enables businesses to effectively protect against growing web threats at the gateway, which are not adequately protected by current market offerings. The WS1000 also offers network administrators improved oversight and reporting of web browsing behaviors in their organization.

Enterprises are increasingly at risk as cybercriminals seek to exploit the popularity of Web 2.0 applications to penetrate the network. Hackers have refined their attacks to defeat existing web filters that are ill-equipped to keep pace with today’s fast moving, rapidly evolving threats. Sophos’s latest security threat report revealed that there are on average 6,000 new infected web pages identified daily with a growth in infections of well trafficked and trusted websites. This startling trend demonstrates the need for an intelligent, comprehensive web security solution to prevent these attacks from crippling corporate networks.

The WS1000 adds critical value to any organization’s security approach by providing the following:

  • nterprise-Grade URL and Security Filtering – The WS1000 is the only appliance that scans and filters in-bound and out-bound requests, while also scanning active content for signs of malicious intent, including the introduction of spyware and adware. The WS1000 also conducts detailed productivity filtering, scanning billions of websites every day.
  • Industry-Leading Behavioral Genotyping – Sophos’s industry leading Genotype® technology delivers proactive detection of new threats. Genotype’s powerful predictive capability stops nine out of every 10 new outbreaks without having to issue a new threat update. This offers organizations faster, more comprehensive protection than anyone else in the industry.
  • Simplified Appliance Management – More than 50 on-board system monitors ensure that hardware, software and traffic are fully operational and up-to-date. In the event of an exception, administrators are notified via email or phone instead of relying on a manual maintenance routine.
  • Flexible, Guided Policy Management – This simple, step-by-step approach to policy management empowers businesses to control access to websites and date categories through several different groupings including user type, machine type and specific time periods throughout the day.

“Current URL filters are cumbersome to manage and ineffective at addressing the growing threat from malicious web content,” said Steve Munford, CEO of Sophos. “As web threats propagate quickly, organizations need a solution that takes the guess work out of security by automatically identifying and protecting against threats before they impact operations. The Sophos web appliance meets that need more effectively than any other in the industry.”

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