Solidcore, Opsware Partner in Change Control

Solidcore announced it will integrate its S3 Control product with the Opsware System 6 solutions suite

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Solidcore® Systems Inc., a leading provider of change control software for critical systems, today announced that it will integrate its S3 Control™ product with the Opsware System 6 solutions suite through Opsware’s Technology Alliance Program. Opsware, the leading provider of data center automation software, has the option to resell the Solidcore offering with the Opsware System 6 solutions suite through its worldwide field sales and channel teams based on select customer needs. The combined offering will enable customers to further enforce Opsware as an authorized change agent, where only changes from Opsware are allowed, to provide lock-down for select systems that support mission-critical applications that require extreme change control policies.

IT organizations are challenged to improve system availability, streamline compliance and reduce IT costs by maximizing “in-process” change, controlling and documenting “emergency” change, and eliminating dangerous “ad hoc” system changes that occur entirely outside of process. The combined Opsware and Solidcore solution will:

  • Track all change to servers in real-time;
  • Capture and document critical change detail in real time including who is making changes, what is actually being changed, when change is occurring, and how the change was made;
  • Identify changes that make a system non-compliant;
  • Enable enforcement of change process policy by ensuring, at the system level, that only Opsware can make change to a server.

The joint Opsware and Solidcore offering will become the only solution available today to completely control all change to the server infrastructure, and enable IT organizations to eliminate change-related business risks and costs by allowing only authorized changes ever to take place. The offering will also ensure all change activity is captured, documented and correlated against appropriate authorization.

“Most organizations have not been able to lock down systems to the point in which they can assure that all changes have been made through approved methods,” said Ronni Colville, research vice president for Gartner. “IT organizations need to be able to provide a robust configuration auditing mechanism that can address a variety of system and governance requirements to assure that appropriate changes are being made across their IT services.”

Solidcore Systems Inc.

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