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Passcape Software today announces the release of Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery (PIEPR)

SAN DIEGO -- Passcape Software today announces the release of Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery (PIEPR). So far, PIEPR remains the only utility that allows you to recover ALL types of passwords in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The unique feature of PIEPR is that it restores each and every type of saved Internet Explorer password, including cached credentials, FTP passwords, Internet Explorer autoform and autocomplete fields, autocomplete passwords, synchronization passwords, identity passwords and Content Advisor passwords. PIEPR is a universal utility, which will once and for all redeem you from troubles associated with the loss of an Internet Explorer password.

PIEPR provides two modes of password recovery. The Automatic mode turns the recovery process into a matter of a few clicks while the Manual mode can decrypt IExplorer passwords not only for the current user but also for any user of your system or even of another machine.

If the system is no longer bootable, PIEPR offers the ability to recover passwords from Windows registry files. PIEPR can be installed anywhere, just process the NTUSER.DAT file brought from the collapsed computer and all the IExplorer passwords will be available to you.

Recovering passwords hidden behind asterisks is also a piece a cake for PIEPR. Not only does it deal with asterisks, PIEPR also restores multilingual passwords, so people using different languages like German to create passwords are taken into account too.

Another advantage of PIEPR is a set of effective and easy-to-use tools for viewing and organizing IExplorer cookies, cached entries, favorites, and typed URLs. Using these features, you can edit IExplorer properties right away.

Also, using the software you can enable or disable IExplorer password caching and easily add new IExplorer password resources. The list of PIEPR's advantages is further expanded with an ability to manage Content Advisor passwords and save the recovered password to text, html or Excel file, which many users may find quite convenient.

PIEPR comes with a set of competently organized tools for Internet Explorer management and an advanced system for recovering all types of Internet Explorer passwords. Its features are delivered in a user friendly interface and a detailed help is provided.

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