Service Uses Cell for Authentication

Positive Networks releases PhoneFactor for free

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Positive Networks, the leading provider of hosted security services, today announced the release of the company's new PhoneFactor phone-based authentication service which can use any phone, including the new iPhone, as a secure authentication device. First announced at Interop Vegas 2007, PhoneFactor eliminates the need for third-party authentication devices like smart cards and soft tokens to help credential employees access authorized applications and files.

PhoneFactor is a free service for organizations seeking a powerful yet simple way of authenticating end users for access to authorized business-critical applications. PhoneFactor is a complete two-factor authentication service that includes unlimited users for VPN appliances, Citrix, and Microsoft Outlook Web Access. It also includes free authentication calls within the U.S. In addition, a free Web SDK enables PhoneFactor to be implemented with any Web or custom application, and is available online at Positive Networks provides additional premium features for a fee that eases deployment and operation of PhoneFactor. This includes multi-server support, directory integration, international authentication, reporting and auditing, and support and product maintenance packages.

"Authentication products are becoming more common place as organizations use them to replace insecure usernames and passwords," said Tim Suttton, CEO, Positive Networks. "The idea behind PhoneFactor is simple. Replace your third-party authentication device with something you already carry everyday - your mobile phone. We've taken great steps to eliminate the time-consuming tasks of rolling out authentication throughout the enterprise. And we're seeing positive reaction about PhoneFactor from customers and industry influencers."

Positive Networks Inc.

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