SecureWorks-Lurhq to Merge?

Rumors of a deal made the market rounds today as SecureWorks plans an unspecified Wednesday announcement

With the ink still drying on the IBM-Internet Security Services (ISS) deal, rumor of another security merger was circulating today -- this time between SecureWorks and Lurhq. (See IBM Merger Gets Mixed Responses and IBM Up-Ends Security Services Market.)

If the market speculation is true, a SecureWorks-Lurhq merger would put the two companies in a stronger position to compete with the IBM-ISS combo in managed security services. Lurhq provides threat and vulnerability management and consulting services, and SecureWorks is a managed security services provider that provides IPS and other services and performs vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

Both companies are privately held, but one source says the combined company would be worth about $30 million.

Neither SecureWorks nor Lurhq responded to requests to confirm whether a merger is in the works, but SecureWorks is scheduled to make some sort of announcement on Wednesday. The vendor wouldn't elaborate on the substance of that event.

— Kelly Jackson Higgins, Senior Editor, Dark Reading

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