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Secure Computing Corporation announced the availability of SafeWord MobilePass

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Secure Computing Corporation (Nasdaq: SCUR), a leading enterprise gateway security company, today announced the availability of SafeWord® MobilePass®, a new software authenticator that allows a user access to Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Citrix, Outlook and a number of other applications through one-time passcodes generated on their personal mobile device or laptop PC. MobilePass provides convenience as well as enhanced security through proven, two-factor authentication, establishing proof-positive identity for all users accessing trusted corporate and consumer applications. Additionally, SafeWord MobilePass helps to increase productivity at a low total cost of ownership.

Key attributes of SafeWord MobilePass include:

  • Generating one-time passcodes that are never used twice
  • Utilizing a device the user already carries
  • Integrating quickly with a range of applications including VPN, Citrix, Outlook, Web Access and Web Applications
  • Supporting a wide range of mobile device platforms and any laptop PC

"A growing number of companies are relying on mobile phones to help their workforce stay connected to their core businesses," said Sally Hudson, research director at IDC. "Two-factor authentication solutions like SafeWord have been successful at protecting remote connections to corporate networks and applications. With products such as MobilePass, the mobile workforce has the flexibility and convenience of using the

mobile device they already carry with them everywhere. IDC believes this

type of solution will appeal to companies that have deployed mobile phones in large numbers, and would like to leverage that investment when implementing a two-factor authentication strategy."

Secure Computing Corp. (Nasdaq: SCUR)

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