School District Adds Web Filtering

St. Bernard Software announced Liberty County School District has successfully deployed its iPrism Internet-filtering appliance

SAN DIEGO -- St. Bernard Software, Inc. (OTCBB: SBSW), a global provider of security and hosted office solutions for SMBs, today announced Liberty County School District has successfully deployed its award-winning iPrism(r) Internet-filtering appliance. The solution will ensure appropriate Web use among its 12,000 students and staff members across 17 locations.

Liberty County School District focuses on K-12 education and strives to promote academic excellence, good citizenship and enhanced learning experiences through the use of technology. When IT administrators discovered students were getting around the district's software-based Web filter to access social-networking sites and blogs during school hours, they realized the need for a more advanced solution. Further investigation into how the Internet was used on campus uncovered an increase in cyber bullying, online gang conflicts and threatening posts, potentially endangering students' safety. Instant messaging clients and peer-to-peer networks were also being frequented.

After reviewing a number of software and hardware products, the district chose iPrism, St. Bernard's dedicated Web-filtering appliance. iPrism provides the Liberty County School District with a clear picture of all Internet users, their workstations and time spent on certain sites, allowing for quick disciplinary action when needed. An Allow/Block feature manages access to research-related sites, also enabling administrators to simply 'turn off' the Internet during certain hours of the day. Thanks to iGuard(tm), St. Bernard's 100% human-reviewed database, the district's IT department spends drastically less time researching and adding inappropriate sites to the list of blocked outlets.

"Students were constantly finding ways around our previous Web-filtering software and most of our time was spent building firewalls and manually blocking access to inappropriate sites," said Dr. Patti Crane, executive director of technology and media at Liberty County School District. "St. Bernard's iPrism is an ideal solution because it gives us advanced Internet-monitoring capabilities, blocking and reporting features, a 100% human-reviewed database and flexible pricing model."

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