School District Adds Biometrics

Realtime North America has announced that its bioLock software has been installed by the Polk County School District in Florida

TAMPA, Fla. -- realtime North America, Inc. ( has announced that its award-winning bioLock software has been installed by the Polk County School District in Florida.

The Polk County School District is using SAP solutions for most of the district's business processes: HR, Payroll, Finance and Budgeting, Asset Management, Purchasing, Warehousing, Work Orders and Project Systems. The School District's policy states that user ID's are not to be shared and passwords are not to be written down and posted on or near workstations, but sometimes it happens anyway. The primary concern is to protect the user logon to ensure 'accountability' for the principal acting as the 'CEO' of the individual school.

The school district is using biometric mice as well as keyboards from Cherry Electrical Products to protect the logon to SAP applications for principals and other users with access to critical information. The technology also enables a well-intentioned 'delegation' which ensures the principal's secretary will be uniquely identified while using the principal's user ID to SAP applications, if authorized to do so. In the Procurement area, bioLock will serve as a biometric segregation of duty (SoD), among other things, to approve a purchase order requisition release. bioLock will be used in the HR area for approving the time entry in the payroll system. In the future, the School District also plans to implement bioLock as 'true' electronic signature into specific workflows.

During the RSA keynote speech Art Coviello, president of the RSA Security division of EMC, stated "We need to secure the king instead of the castle. Information is king and it likes to move around." Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America, Inc. further comments, "bioLock is the fist technology that truly focuses on protecting 'the king'."

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