Sailpoint Rolls Out New ID Risk Mgt Software

SailPoint Technologies released Compliance IQ 2.0, the latest version of the company's identity risk management software

AUSTIN, Texas -- SailPoint Technologies, Inc. today released Compliance IQ 2.0, the latest version of the company’s breakthrough identity risk management software that reduces the complexity, costs and risks associated with controlling and managing user access to sensitive applications and data. With new risk management features and tools to help IT and business managers collaborate on identity risk management, Version 2.0 accelerates organizations’ ability to put in place proactive risk management practices while tackling the practical issues associated with identity and access compliance.

In spite of billions in compliance spending by public and private enterprises across industries, breaches involving insiders who expose consumer data, intellectual property and government intelligence have dominated headlines in recent months. The frequency of these breaches indicates the extent to which enterprises are struggling to secure user access to information and applications within the organization.

“When a typical large enterprise has tens of thousands of users and thousands of applications, basic identity audit and compliance tasks like certifying which users have access to critical applications and data are monumental,” said Lori Rowland, Burton Group. “Organizations that master these tactical matters are poised to tackle the next big challenge and opportunity for most enterprises – collaborating with business managers to determine acceptable levels of risk for users and IT resources.”

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