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Safelight Security Launches On-Demand Information Security Awareness Course With Free Day Of Staff Training

90-minute course covers 14 basic security topics
PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Employees are a company's primary line of security defense, but they often don't have the skills to identify and prevent a potential breach. Safelight Security, a leading provider of security education programs, today announced the release of its new, on-demand Information Security Awareness course designed to make staff more aware of security risks and educate them on how to protect sensitive information. Safelight is offering organizations an opportunity to take the entire course for free during the company's Security Awareness Boot Camp on July 16.

"Companies have made huge investments in technology to reduce their security risk, but have underestimated the importance of educating their employees -- people who are in a position to protect or expose sensitive information every day," said Safelight Chief Executive Officer Rob Cheyne. "We strongly believe that security is every employee's responsibility. We're hosting the boot camp to help companies kick-start their awareness programs."

During Safelight's Security Awareness Boot Camp, companies can send as many employees as they would like to the free, on-demand Information Security Awareness training course. The 90-minute course covers fourteen basic security topics teaching employees how to recognize and protect sensitive information. Presented in five modules, the course delivers deep content through highly interactive, scenario-based lessons that engage students and reinforce learning.

Lesson Topics:

Computer Crime

-- Identity theft -- Insider threats -- Industrial espionage

Social Engineering

-- Introduction to social engineering -- Tips for spotting social engineering attacks -- Best practices to mitigate social engineering attacks

Physical Security

-- Hardware theft -- Travel security

Technology Threats

-- Wireless security -- Computer malware

Information Security Policies

-- Sensitive information -- Password protection -- Email precautions -- Reporting and responding to threats

Companies can sign up for the free course on Safelight's Security Awareness Boot Camp page.

Safelight is also offering special pricing on two of its on-demand courses for general staff: Information Security Awareness and Information Privacy. Through August 31, companies will receive a 20 percent discount on the new Information Security Awareness course and a 15 percent discount on the Information Privacy course. Safelight's Information Privacy course equips employees to better identify and manage sensitive corporate information and is designed to expedite compliance with Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 and other state and federal privacy regulations. Companies can sign up to receive the special pricing on Safelight's Summer Savings page.

To learn more about Safelight's full range of instructor-led and on-demand courses, visit the Education Programs section of the company's web site.

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