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Russia Suspect In Italian Ministry Hack

Italy's foreign ministry was victim of a cyberattack last year, but hackers did not gain access to classified information.

Italy's foreign ministry was the target of a cyberattack early last year. Sources close to the ministry report the activity continued for more than four months, but hackers didn't access classified data, says Reuters.

The report confirms a Guardian article stating Russia was suspected to be behind the incident. Reuters also learnt from an Italian government source this year that the Foreign Ministry had been hacked in the past, most likely by Russia.

"These were not attacks on the encrypted computer system which carries the most important and sensitive information, but the email system for staff at the foreign ministry and embassies," the ministry source said.

The department was headed by current Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni when the attack took place. He was not affected because he did not use email for official work purposes at the time, a government official reported to the Guardian.

Read Reuters for details. 

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